Kate Lawler reveals she went into labour after laughing hysterically about pal Alison Hammond’s baby gift blunder

KATE Lawler went into labour after laughing hysterically about pal Alison Hammond who sent her babygro saying "best daddy." 

The Virgin Radio host, 40, welcomed her first child Noa 11 days early on February 11, hours after joking about Alison's hilarious blunder.

Kate and This Morning host Alison became great mates after starringin Big Brother series 3 together with the late Jade Goody, where Kate went on to win the show in 2002.

The duo have remained close ever since, and in an exclusive interview with The Sun ahead of her reality TV show Celebrity Bumps: Famous and Pregnant, Kate talked about Alison's gift.

She said:" Yes she bought me a babygro. She told me she was sending me a present and she said 'I hope you like it, it's for you'.

"But it said: 'You're going to be the best daddy,' instead of 'you're going to be the best mummy on it,' Kate said before giggling about it.

Kate added: "She admitted that she's not very good at ordering shopping. But the sentiment was nice. At least the baby can wear it and Boj can hold the baby."

Speaking to the Sun at 38 and a half weeks pregnant she said: "I'm ready to pop."

Talking about her new MTV reality show and her experience of being pregnant, Kate said: "It's been really good fun filming the show. We're probably the least dramatic couple. But you'll see a lot of renovations in the show, and Boj attempting to build furniture.

"We've been lucky over lockdown. We've moved house, moved out of a top floor flat to a house that's really easy to access, managed to get all the renovations that we needed to."

She added: "It's been a complication free pregnancy. The cameras come with us for the scans, and when we take our pram out for the first time with all our dogs in it.

"It's been really nice to film the journey because lots of our family and friends will be able to watch things they have missed out on."

Meanwhile Kate has revealed the terrifying moment she rushed her newborn daughter into A&E as she struggled to breath.

Kate had explained at the time that her daughter was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit as she was having issues with her breathing.

And now the TV star admitted that the past seven days since she's returned home with her little girl "have been the most overwhelming experience of my life" in a lengthy Instagram post yesterday.

Marking Noa's original due date with a series of picture, Kate also shared the difficulties she's faced being a new mum – and the worries, which included rushing her little one into hospital on Saturday.

She began: "While Noa is beyond perfect, I don’t know if I’m coming or going. One minute I’m fine, the next someone asks how I’m doing and I burst into tears.

"As I type this and ask myself that very question – how are YOU doing it’s made me cry. I’ve cried so much since she was born.

"I've cried because I’m tired, I’m not feeling confident in what I’m doing or if either of us are doing it right, over horrendous, dark thoughts about losing my daughter, when our meditation playlist came on as it reminded me of when Noa was in NICU," Kate continued.

"I cried over spilt milk – literally. Expressed milk, poured into a storage bag which fell over, sending milk everywhere. BRILLIENNNT.

Adding: "I cry because my hands and my arms are in excruciating pain from carpal tunnel syndrome. Nobody told me this is common for new Mums. Anyone else suffered from this?

"Pins and needles, numbness, shooting pains in hands and up my arms. I’ve got wrist splints on now though which are helping."


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