Kate Garraway’s emotional friend Ben Shephard praises her ‘remarkable’ bravery over ‘truly horrific circumstances’ – The Sun

EMOTIONAL Ben Shephard has praised "remarkable" Kate Garraway for her bravery over the "truly horrific circumstances" she's going through with her sick husband Derek.

The 45-year-old presenter interviewed Kate on Good Morning Britain today where she revealed the tearful moment she told her husband she loved him as he slipped unconscious after begging to be put in a coma.

Thanking fans for their supportive messages following today's show, Ben posted a video on Instagram. He said: "She is just remarkable and for her to speak with such eloquence, honesty and positivity in the face of truly horrific circumstances for her and her family is testament to what an incredible person she is.

"I know what a difference the messages you are sending make and they are such a great source of strength and support for her Billy and Darcey right now.

"So I just wanted to say thank you."

He captioned the video: "Evening all – just wanted to say thanks for all the lovely messages about our interview with @kategarraway this morning, she was incredible, and as tough as it was, your messages are gratefully received.

"You really are a lovely lot."

This morning Kate opened up about her husband's life-threatening coronavirus battle following 68 days in hospital.

Appearing from her home in North London, Kate wept as she recalled her final words to Derek before doctors put him in an induced coma.

She said: "He couldn't really speak to me because of the mask, but he was begging me, 'I feel like I'm suffocating, please let them put me in a coma', because there was a debate about that.

"But I said 'no we've got to wait' because if his lungs can handle it that's better.

"Then on the Sunday morning they rang me up and said we're going to be him in a coma, and he just said to me 'I love you, I am sorry I have to leave you', and I said 'it's only for three or four days and you're going to fine this is good, this is good. This is what you wanted, to rest.'"

Visibly anguished, Kate went on: "He said to me 'you have saved my life, I don't just mean now I mean everything. Being married to you and the children.'
"And I said, 'I love you I love you' and then he was gone and that was it. He was under."

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