Jonathan Ross's daughter Honey, 23, says she’s obsessed with her ‘sl***y granny pants’ as she strips off again

JONATHAN Ross's daughter Honey, 23, says she's obsessed with her "sl***y granny pants" as she strips off again for body confident post.

Posing in just a cardigan and high waisted pants, the model showed off her curves for the sultry mirror selfie.

The talk show's daughter, 23, later agreed with a fan who said she looked good naked, telling them "true.

Honey proudly shared the stunning snap with her 39k followers, putting her plus-size curves proudly on display.

Despite the confident photo it's taken her a long time to feel this positive about her size-18 body. As a child, Honey was body shamed so badly that she asked for a personal trainer for her 14th birthday.

However, the model loves her body and champions plus size people, often slamming haters for being "fatphobic".

After growing a "hardened shell" to cope with the abuse, Honey says she was baffled by those sending hate – and then sliding into her DMs to ask her out.

She wrote on Instagram: "I'm not even joking, someone in my comments saying I'm going to die of heart disease is in my DMs asking me out. You couldn't write it."

She added: "Also TBH, I know it's because they wanna f*** me and are angry that's never gonna happen.

"People in my comments looking for a debate on my exercise regime, diet and lifestyle (which they know nothing about)".

"Listen to my podcast The Body Protest. Why do you expect me to personally justify my life to you, a stranger??? I'm not going to indulge you and your strange abusive fatphobia."

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