Joe Swash calls Stacey Solomon a ‘weirdo’ and tells her to go outside after she turns a watermelon into a shark – The Sun

JOE Swash is worried his girlfriend Stacey Solomon may have cracked in lockdown as he calls her a ‘weirdo’ for turning a watermelon into a shark.

The Dancing on Ice champ made the remark after watching Stacey proudly display the fruity fish and make it wiggle to the theme of the movie Jaws.

Stacey, who earlier this week vacuumed her lawn, revealed on her Instagram stories that she’d turned an ordinary watermelon into a shark – complete with jagged teeth, eyes and even a fin.

Admittedly, the healthy snack did look rather appetising but Joe joked he was worried about his other half, saying: “What are you doing? Honestly, we need to take you out for a walk or summin’. You’re a weirdo.”

The 30-year-old has been keeping herself and her fans entertained during lockdown by showing off her various projects on Instagram.

Over the weekend the mum-of-three vacuumed her astro turf lawn and created an ‘autumn wonderland’ in the garden using lots of decorations for baby Rex.

Another day, Stacey revealed she’d given herself a manicure and a new set of acrylic nails.

The TV star shared on Instagram how she had given herself a fresh set in a video, revealing to her 3.2m fans exactly how she had done the very professional-looking manicure.

Stacey explained: "Ok so last week I found a nail technician who, because she can't go to her clients, is making acrylic stick-on nails measured exactly to your nails in ANY design you want and I could actually cry right now because my nails have been SHOCKING."

The clip showed how the mum-of-three buffed, filed and cleaned her nails before using glue to stick on individual hand-painted acrylic nails she had been sent.

She then posted before and after pictures showing her natural nails, and then the gorgeous result.

Stacey – who had gone a month without getting her nails done – added that the entire process had taken her around 20 minutes.

The star also pointed her followers in the direction of the Instagram account of the nail technician she had used – Kerri Anderson – who is based in south Yorkshire.

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