Is YouTuber Shane Dawson dead? Twitter hoax goes viral

YOUTUBER Shane Dawson is at the centre of a viral story on Twitter claiming he's dead.

This is just a hoax and fake news – Shane Dawson is alive and well.

On Twitter #RIPShane has been circulating the internet today, causing fans to pay their respects.

The rumour started on a parody account (@bocasclouds) and claimed: "American YouTuber Shane Dawson dead at 32 #RIPShane".

Thousands retweeted the post, contributing to the spread of fake news.

It's possible this Tweet was made in reference to the recent controversy around Shane's career, which has suffered massively.

In the past he included blackface on his YouTube channel, alongside a host of other microagressions.

He even made sexualised comments about Willow Smith while she was a child, leading to many accusing him of pedophilia.

In light of the global conversation happening about racism, Shane took to YouTube to create an apology video that seemed to make excuses for his behaviour.

In short, there's been a lot of backlash towards the once loved YouTube star.

YouTube in response indefinitely stopped his content from being monetised and many old videos were deleted.

But it was spotted by fans recently that old videos had reappeared and Shane had changed his profile icon on the video platform, suggesting an attempt at a comeback.

For many, a comeback wouldn't be welcome and Twitter has been the host for most of this conversation as members of the public have shared their disgust.

So the fake rumour is likely to be more about the state of Shane's career – it is most certainly not true that he's dead.

A Twitter user @SpaceKestrel said: "I’m an outspoken criticizer of Shane Dawson but this #ripshane tag is honestly horrible.

"Dislike Shane as much as you want but you should NEVER joke about or fake someone’s death. Having lost people close to me it makes my blood boil at some of the jokes being made."

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