Is Joe Lycett in a relationship? Find out everything you need to know

Joe Lycett is currently making waves with his Channel 4 show, Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back, where he fights for the rights of the consumer – a stance which recently led him to change his name to Hugo Boss (and then back again). Despite the comedian becoming more of a household name every day, just how much do you know about his home life? Find out if Joe is in a relationship here… 

Is Joe Lycett in a relationship? 

According to his social media feeds, it appears that the 31-year-old funnyman is currently single. Of course, this could simply mean that he is keeping his private life off Twitter and Instagram and out of the spotlight. In fact, he only jokily referenced being in a relationship way back in 2017, after posting an Instagram snap of himself with his pet pooch, cute! In another social post with his dog, he wrote: “Me and my boyfriend are now taking magazine bids for our wedding photos.” 

Joe currently stars in Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back

What is Joe Lycett’s sexuality? 

Joe often speaks about his bisexuality in his stand-up comedy routine, and previously opened up to the Birmingham Mail, explaining: “It’s something I will talk about more in my stand-up act, as sexuality is a fascinating aspect of human life. Alan Carr is an out and proud gay man but there isn’t a famous bisexual equivalent – it’s a lot rarer. There are actually a lot of people who deny that bisexuality exists and say it’s just someone being indecisive. I originally came out as gay when I was a teenager, then backtracked when I thought I had closed off the market a bit!” 

Joe with his pet pooch

He continued: “My parents have always been very supportive and it hasn’t been an issue. Mum worried I might get more problems in life because of my bisexuality but I think people are more liberal now.” 

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