‘Intruder’ who broke into Eminem’s Detroit mansion was ‘arrested for trying to break into his former home last year’ – The Sun

EMINEM'S home intruder was previously arrested in 2019 for attempting to break into the rapper's former house.

Matthew David Hughes was arrested in April for breaking and entering into Em's swanky Detroit mansion.

But police records now reveal that an arrest warrant was already out for the 26-year-old because he failed to pay a $1,400 fine for the previous crimes.

TMZ alleges that the same suspect arrested for entering the rapper's gated property by smashing a kitchen window was arrested for "trespassing on two properties as he hunted for Eminem".

The second property was formerly owned by the Stan singer.

The first home was based in Rochester Hills, where Eminem currently lives, in the early hours of the morning and the suspect woke the house by throwing a rock through the window.

He had disappeared by the time cops showed up, but the "homeowner told cops he later returned, knocked on a window and said he was "looking for his brother, Marshall'".

The suspect then visited a second property in Oakland Township – which had previously been owned by Em, real name Marshall Mathers .

He "rang the doorbell and asked where the rapper was."

Hughes was sentenced to 90 days in jail but failed to pay his fines and so was given an arrest warrant.

According to jail reports seen by The Sun, the intruder in the April 6 2020 case entered the gated property by smashing a kitchen window.

An alarm went off but it reportedly did not wake security – but it did wake the 47-year-old who found the intruder in his living room.

Security then arrived after Em called for help and police took him into custody where Hughes was booked on two felony charges – first-degree home invasion and malicious destruction of a building.

Eminem – real name Marshall Mathers – lives in a 15,000 square foot mansion across 5.7 acres in the wealthy Detroit suburb of Rochester Hills.

He had been isolating at his Michigan mansion with his daughter Hailie, 23, who has been updating her following during the second week of isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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