‘I filled up’ Coronation Street’s Malcolm Hebden was left in tears by ‘proudest’ moment

Corrie: Malcolm Hebden discusses his dancing on the show

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Malcolm Hebden played the iconic nosey Norris Cole on the soap and has now spoken about his proudest memories after 27 years on the show in an ITV special. Hebden retired from the show last summer but his character is only just being killed off this week, with the news of Norris’ death being revealed to his friends. Narrated by Sally Lindsay, the special programme looked back at some of the character’s best scenes.

In 2002, when the Commonwealth Games came to Manchester for real, Norris was ready to show the world what he was made of.

A clip of the episode appeared on-screen where Norris was geared up, ready to go to the games with him, saying: “The Full Monty, shirt, tracksuit, hat, bag and umbrella.”

“Norris became the Commonwealth volunteer, proudest moment in his life,” Malcolm explained.

“After it had been on television, they became known as ‘Norrises’, you know they wanted help from a Norris, which was fame really.”

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Another clip of the episode was shown, with two officials talking about not being able to do the medal presentation, where Norris was asked to help.

Speaking about this time in Norris’ life, Malcolm explained: “There was a medal presentation there, and I was able to hold the box with the medals on.

“Proudest moment, I mean, Norris busybody, I’m at the Commonwealth Games with this.

“And I filled up, I remember crying about it,” Malcolm laughed as he described the moment.

“Thinking he’d be so proud, and then it was broadcast, shown in the Rovers, and there was a massive row in the Rovers that night.

 “And nobody saw it,” Malcolm exclaimed.

Fans of Norris took to Twitter to express their love for him, with one user tweeting: “Oh, I love Norris, he was such a wholesome character #Corrie #Norris.”

Another added: “I remember when he went to the Commonwealth Games, that’s how long I have been following Norris and his nosey personality! #Corrie.”

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“Norris holding the medals at the Commonwealth Games is ICONIC! GO NORRIS!” (sic)

 Malcolm also spoke about his unlikely friendship with Mary Taylor (played by Pattie Clare) and their bond.

The campervan queen made her way onto the street, and Norris quickly became her obsession, looking at him as a god.

Malcolm reflected on and felt their characters’ bond stronger when he helped Mary reunite with her son.

Malcolm explained: “The best story we’ve had was finding her son, and that really brought us together.

Pattie spoke about this storyline and described: “I think he had such sympathy for Mary with the Jude Appleton (Paddy Wallace) storyline.

“And didn’t judge her at all but was really there for her,” chuckling Malcolm added. “You want tears? You can have tears.”

There was a scene where Norris, Mary and few other characters were having Christmas dinner, and Mary wished she could have been someone’s mum.

Later in the scenes, the door goes, and Norris gets up to get it, and to Mary’s surprise, her son Jude walks in, making her Christmas wish come true.

Malcolm exclaimed: “He just, out of sight, said ‘Mum’ and we all went, ‘Oh’. He just hit it immediately.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.
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