Hollyoaks to dive back into Gemma Atkinson’s self-harm storyline as troubled teen Lisa Hunter

HOLLYOAKS is set to air Lisa Hunter’s (Gemma Atkinson's) self harm ordeal from 2002 next week as part of its [email protected] season in the run up to the show’s big anniversary.

Current cast members Ruby O’Donnell (Peri Lomax) and Haiesha Mistry (Yasmine Maalik) will present a week of episodes focusing on the award-winning storyline about the troubled teenager as part of their Don’t Filter Feelings campaign.

Gemma's character Lisa was at the centre of a shocking teenage self harming plot – which was the first of its kind on a UK soap opera in the early 2000s.

Taunted by jealous school bully and toxic friend Steph Dean, Lisa began cutting herself on her arms and legs with scissors and blades.

Lisa kept her self harm a secret until Brian Drake spotted her cuts and believed she was being abused, sending her to the school counsellor.

The storyline quickly set a trend and was later replicated on rival shows EastEnders and Emmerdale.

From Monday 27 July on E4 at 7pm, [email protected] will return to its ground-breaking storylines, airing one for every five years it has been on air.

The exciting trip down memory lane will see it digging back in the archives to bring old plotlines back to life from 1995-2000 and 2001-2005.

Tony Hutchinson actor Nick Pickard and Mercedes McQueen actress Jen Metcalfe are the first to re-introduce viewers to a past epic storyline, showing Hollyoaks' first ever big stunt aired in 1999, and debut villain Rob Hawthorne.

It will see a young Tony, Lewis, Ruth and Lucy in serious danger as they are held captive in a huge water tank.

It remains to be seen if they all escape, or just some, and if so how they complete their feat.

Talking about the new series, Nick said: “It is so lovely being back on set, and seeing all of my fellow co-stars, and what better way to return
than to host a new special birthday series with the lovely Jennifer Metcalfe?

"Although it’s been so difficult to remember my scripts after all this time, I’m a bit rusty…!

“I can’t believe it’s been as long as 25 years. After my first call back for Tony Hutchinson.

"I would never have guessed that I would still be here all these years later."

Lisa Hunter's ordeal will air from Monday 3rd August to Friday 7th at 7PM on E4.

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