Holby City tragedy as Ollie Valentines killer secret exposed in Jac Naylor death twist?

Holby City: Jac Naylor confronts gunman before he fires

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Ollie (played by James Anderson) returned to Holby City hospital a few weeks ago as a new mentee for Henrick Hanssen (Guy Henry) to assist with their training in general surgery. The beloved character was brought back to television screens by Russ Faber (Simon Slater), who was an old acquaintance on Henrick’s and he seemed to have an ulterior motive for wanting to help Ollie. Having undergone numerous tests to prove he is fit to work, the doctor looks set to retrain as a surgeon but Tuesday night’s episode of the BBC medical drama revealed he is unsure whether he should be working and a nasty twist with Jac (Rosie Marcel) could be on the horizon.

The episode began with Ollie eager to impress and his first patient was Russ’ 16-year-old daughter who had been rushed into hospital.

Stepping up to the plate, the beloved character believed he was ready to tackle whatever was thrown at him but he couldn’t face it.

It seemed something from his past was proving to be a roadblock for Ollie to carry out his work effectively and Russ’ daughter almost lost her life.

Having seen how unnerved the doctor had become in the operating theatre, Hanssen agreed to keep a closer eye on his mentee.

Unbeknown to the boss of the Holby City wards, the trainee surgeon is hiding something and Russ knows all about it.

When Ollie tried to tell Hanssen what was troubling him, he was stopped by Russ who tries to talk him out of making a rash decision.

Russ informed the trainee surgeon he had already tried to talk to Hanssen but he too couldn’t bring himself to do it, which was all a lie.

In the closing moments of the episode, Ollie told Russ: “I thought I killed your daughter today.”

The young girl’s father explained an incident had happened after the doctor had left the operating theatre and was nothing to do with him.

Revelling the pain he has been harbouring, the beloved character ominously said: “Next time, someone could get hurt…again.”

Someone could get hurt…again

Ollie Valentine

The credits rolled as viewers were left wondering what Ollie meant and whether he was suggesting he could have killed someone in the past.

This event could be triggering him to stumble whilst working on patients and could be something he is struggling to move on from.

When he was working away from Holby City, Russ could have been the surgeon who was helping Ollie with his initial surgeon training.

However, when the doctor made a mistake, the now-retired surgeon could have covered for him to make it look as if there had been an innocent mistake.

Nevertheless, a death still would have occurred and the hospital Russ was working at could have asked him to step down from his position and retire.

Now, Ollie could owe him by securing his surgical training and not letting his retirement and the early end of his decades-long career go to waste.

Unfortunately, this incident from his past is likely to continue playing on Ollie’s mind and it could prove to be fatal when Jac suddenly takes ill.

Having been diagnosed with a brain tumour, Jac has been silently suffering but has agreed to take part in an experimental trial.

In recent weeks, she has become incredibly anxious to undergo the knife as a patient on another trial died in theatre.

Although there would be a team of surgeons ready to take on her case, an unexpected twist could see Ollie being the one to operate on her.

As his past tries to impact his present and future, Ollie could make a wrong move and end up killing Jac in the process.

This would finish his career for good, one he has worked so hard for and tried to change direction with to reignite his passion.

With the show coming to an end next year, this would be an explosive storyline to end the journeys for two beloved characters.

They both made surprise returns to the programme this year but have struggled to deal with what happened during their time away.

It has not been officially revealed whether Jac is leaving the show but killing off one of the drama’s longest-serving characters could bring the programme to an epic conclusion.

Holby City airs Tuesdays at 7:50pm on BBC One.

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