Here's How Adult Swim Gave 2020 Graduates a Boost With the Help of Some Celebrity Pals

In 2020, traditional graduation milestones were put on ice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With that in mind, Adult Swim created a series of commencement speeches to boost grads’ spirits. Here’s how it all went down.

Adult Swim Class of 2020 Commencement Speaker Series

FromRick and Morty to The Boondocks, Adult Swim is known for bitinghumor and surprising content. Recently the network used their platform to delivercommencement addresses ranging from comical to inspiring, just for students whograduated during the quarantine.  

The network partnered with six personalities to create the Adult Swim Class of 2020 Commencement Speaker Series. The speakers included Eric André, Maria Bamford, J.B. Smoove, Jena Friedman, Killer Mike, and fictional character, Carl Brutananadilewski. With talent like that behind the microphones, Adult Swim fans of any age can enjoy these pandemic-era graduation speeches.

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Episode 1: Eric Andre

“Class of2020, dilate your ear and eye holes for the gnarliest pre-taped commencement speechof all time,” promised Eric Andre before beginning his spiel. Adult Swim vet Andrelaunched The Eric Andre Show on the network in 2012. It ran for fourseasons, and season 5 is on the horizon. Fans of the show will appreciate hisunique spin on graduation, life, and quarantine. “Let this be an opportunity topersevere in the face of a nightmare, Black Mirror episode that we’reall living in,” he advised.

Episode2: Maria Bamford

“Ittook me six years to finish my degree in creative writing. And that’s onlybecause I convinced them to count my Native American studies as math. Becauseanything times White people is zero,” Bamford quipped during her speech. In thevideo, she plays a dual role as herself and a bored heckler named Britney.

Episode3: J.B. Smoove

“Sometimes,the very thing that tries to take you down can be the thing you use to help youfigure out how to lift yourself up!” Curb Your Enthusiasm actor, Smoovegave a 12-minute commencement speech filled with both comedy and pearls ofwisdom. Clad in a cap and gown, he advised, “Figure out what you’re gonna dowhen this Will Smith I Am Legend mess is over!”

Episode4: Jena Friedman

InFriedman’s speech, she begins by finding a silver lining while simultaneouslytaking a dig at those who ignored stay at home orders. She noted, “At least you’resafe, with your families, surrounded by love. Unless you’re one of those springbreakers who ignored the experts, went to Tampa, and is now in isolationquarantine with COVID. If that’s the case, I hope your fever is down and thatyou didn’t kill grandma.” Fans can catch more of her dry humor in Soft Focuson

Episode5: Killer Mike

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“I’mabout the budget of what Adult Swim could afford for a commencement speaker,”Killer Mike joked. The Atlanta rapper and activist addressed grads from pre-Kto college with genuine advice and encouragement. His message to grads? Knowwho you are, don’t rush, stand for something, and try again. Of all the speeches,Killer Mike’s is the most poignant.

Episode6: Carl Brutananadilewski

In pure Adult Swim form, the finalcommencement address was given by Aqua Teen Hunger Force character, CarlBrutananadilewski. The Aqua Teen neighbor hilariously dished out harsh truths,saying, “Next time you think life is meaningless and you’re never gonnaaccomplish nothing worth nothing, and then no one’s gonna remember you when youdie. Statistically, you are probably correct.”

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