Heather Thomson accuses RHONY stars of drug use while talking about partying with pirates in St. Barts

During a recent episode of her podcast, In My Head with Heather Thomson, the Real Housewives of New York City alum reminisced about her time on the show with her friend, and fellow cast member, Carole Radziwill.

One of the first memories the ladies discuss is their trip to St. Barts. This was the infamous trip that saw a few of the ladies bringing home complete strangers, most of them men, to continue with their pirate-themed party.

That same event is what spawned the ongoing debate as to whether or not fellow housewife, Luann de Lesseps, had slept with the pirate.

Carole didn’t believe that the women brought strangers home with them

“I remember being shocked, just like, blown away shocked,” said Carole, “I went down to your room and I said, ‘What was going on last night? What was Luann doing and who was there?’ and if you had not been the one to tell me what had gone down, I never would have believed it.”

Carole continued to explain that she was just in disbelief at the time, “There’s just no way these women would bring home strangers and party with them all night when there’s TV cameras and producers all over.”

Heather then explains that she felt alone, “We threw back quite a few tequila shots in those pirate costumes and I was passed out cold. I was sleepin’ hard.”

Heather claims some of the ladies were doing hard drugs the night after a party

Heather then discusses waking up to a knock at her door and hearing Luann’s voice. When she went to open the door, Luann asked to come in.

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“She comes in and then in comes the pirate slides in behind her and I’m like, ‘Oh! Okay, what’s going on?’” Heather laughs.

“What was crazy was she had brought me a joint,” heather continues, “and then other things happened.”

Carole then questions if Luann and the pirate had started making out in front of Heather.

“No, but stronger drugs came out,” she explained. “And I remember saying to Luann, ‘I’m not into this’.”

She then claims that she asked Luann to leave at that point; And when she did, Luann drunkenly ended up in front of Carole’s door.

“Luann thought that nobody knew she had this guy home when everybody knew. And so she thought the only one that knew was me.”

Luann tried to get Heather to lie

“I remember Luann coming down to my room before production started filming at like 7:00 am and she probably hadn’t even been to sleep,” Heather shares, “and she was like, ‘Okay darling, what we’re going to do is we’re going to say a bunch of Italians came over.”

Heather then said that she told Luann that she wasn’t going to lie for her. She didn’t care what Luann had been up to, but there was no way she was going to lie to anyone about it.

Carole then explains that that situation was where the two of them learned what a hot mic was. Essentially, producers were listening in on their conversation even though the two weren’t being filmed in that instant.

The two were giggling and talking about what was happening the night before, not realizing that the crew was gathering just outside the door, which surprised both women.

“And that’s how some of production found out. They recorded you telling me what had happened the night before,” Carole stated.

“That whole trip was literally like popping my housewives cherry,” Heather laughed.

The Real Housewives of New York City is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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