Hannah Brown Posted a Video of Herself Saying the N-Word and People Are *Not* Happy About It

Oof, sorry to do this to you first thing on a Sunday, but we have some yikes celeb news to discuss: Bachelor fave Hannah Brown filmed herself saying the N-word on Instagram Live yesterday, and people are understandably upset about it.

So here’s what went down: On Saturday, Hannah went live for almost an hour, and at one point, was trying to remember the TikTok dance that went along to the song “Rockstar” by DaBaby. She sings the first few lines aloud, which include the N-word, but then decides that she doesn’t want to do the dance after all and continues talking about how she wants to buy a beach house, apparently not realizing that she just did something incredibly offensive. After a bit, she starts noticing comments calling her out for saying the N-word and gives a lukewarm apology while laughing, saying, “I did? I’m so sorry…I don’t think…Maybe it was Patrick [her brother]. Um, anyway…” You can watch a clip here:

[email protected] singing the n word. This is deplorable and while it isn’t my apology, the fact that you would giggle about it as you and your friend deny you saying it and that you’d say “no that’s Patrick”… beyond impermissible. You need to ACTUALLY address this. pic.twitter.com/6ARR1h3lBe

But it seems like viewers keep commenting about it, cause a few minutes later Hannah addresses it again, saying:

And then she goes on to talk about her favorite skin care products. So yeah…it’s not great! Saying the N-word is absolutely not okay, and Twitter is justifiably not happy with Hannah at the moment. People are tweeting things like:

so just watched that “apology” and the friend next to her rly threw out another friend’s name and the name of Hannah’s brother. like girl wth you were the ONLY visible and audible person in that video.

honestly sounds like her entire friend circle are comfortable w the n word

I was a big fan of Bachelorette/DWTS Winner Hannah Brown, until she decided to drop a hard N word in a rap song and then smirk and laugh through an “apology”. HB, you’re done in my book! Now considered irrelevant. @hannahbrown

Hannah b clinching the top spot for absolute most pathetic “white person that said the n word” apologies in history

Hannah B said the n word in a song and gave a shitty apology ugh the way my mind knew to never like that girl. I just KNEW

Hannah B “accidentally” saying the N word has me thoroughly unimpressed. Apology or not.

It shouldn’t ever feel comfortable enough in your mouth the even accidentally slip out.

Do better.

Love how Hannah B says “bull crap” and heck to avoid cursing but is apparently super comfortable with the n word. Here she skips the F word before going ahead with the only word that’s actually unacceptable to say. Wish I was surprised but she’s never fooled me https://t.co/1tthISidWQ

Hannah has yet to address it again or give a sincere apology, but if you want to watch the whole IG live, you can see it here:

Hannah Brown’s Instagram Live Stream from May 16th 2020.#HannahBrown #InstagramLive @hannahbrown https://t.co/OxAfU76OXY

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