Gordon Ramsay to boost his 'Bank Balance' by launching books, clothes and merchandise named after his new quiz show

GORDON Ramsay is planning to boost his millions by launching books, clothes and merchandise named after his new quiz show Bank Balance.

Gordon, 53, is set to take on a new telly role for ITV – and it has nothing to do with food.

We reported at the end of July that the celebrity chef was in talks to become a gameshow host and front a new series.

Now this confirms it, as Gordon himself has applied for the trademark Bank Balance.

He is planning not only on doing the show, but a whole load of merchandise around it.

The Hells Kitchen star is trademarking the show, books, magazines, clothes and video games.

By protecting the brand he can warn anyone else from using it and take legal action if it's used without his permission for the next 10 years.

The quiz show is tipped to be all about accumulating money – and it couldn't be further away from his other ventures including ITV’s Gordon, Gino and Fred: Road Trip and the upcoming BBC1 series, Future Food Stars.

It’s a surprise departure for Gordon, but all part of him rebooting his British TV career after crossing the Atlantic to become a huge star.

A TV insider said: “This is a big, glitzy, prime time project which isn’t his normal type of show, but that’s just the point.

“Viewers would be curious to see how fiery Gordon performs as a gameshow host and tune in to see if he gets frustrated with the contestants in the same way he did with competitors on Hell’s Kitchen.

“The creators hope this will be a concept similar to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? which can be sold around the globe.

“And Gordon’s international profile will certainly help make that easier.”

The idea for Bank Balance has been devised by Gordon’s own production company, Studio Ramsay, which is behind a string of other shows starring the chef.

Its list of hits includes ITV’s Gordon, Gino and Fred: American Roadtrip, Uncharted for the National Geographic Channel and Matilda And The Ramsay Bunch for the BBC.

But while most of the programmes are documentaries or food-themed, this will be the studio’s first gameshow.

Gordon is the second-richest chef in the world and is known for his colourful choice of words on many TV shows.

He currently owns 35 restaurants across the world and was the only chef listed on Forbes top 100 celebrity earnings list in 2019, ranking at number 33 after raking in a massive £50million.

Gordon and wife Tana, who he married in 1996, have five children – Megan, 22, Matilda, 18, who's known as Tilly, twins Jack and Holly, 20 and one-year-old Oscar James.

Their dad has vowed not to let any of his children have access to his £177 million fortune as he says this will "ruin" them.

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