GMB backlash: Alastair Campbell hit with Ofcom complaints over Boris bashing rant

GMB: Alastair Campbell says Boris Johnson is a ‘coward’

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A recent episode of Good Morning Britain has sparked 66 Ofcom complaints after presenter Alastair Campbell was believed to have “biased” views against the government. The comments from Campbell came after Prime Minister Boris Johnson once again dodged being interviewed on the morning breakfast show.

It has been over four years, precisely 1,563 days, since the last time the Prime Minister appeared on the ITV programme following claims he was hiding from the show. 

On October 5, Ranvir Singh was reporting from the Conservative Party Conference and was unable to speak to Mr Johnson as he avoided her. 

ITV showed a clip of Johnson walking through the conference while being flagged down by aides as Singh called out: “Prime Minister!” 

With Johnson glancing over, Singh once more shouted out: “Good Morning Britain would like to have you on the show!” 

She informed him of how long it had been since his last appearance, but again, he ignored all her efforts and continued to walk away.

Presenters Campbell and Susanna Reid were left in shock at the behaviour of the Prime Minister, leading Campbell to call him “a coward!” 

He explained: “1,563 days. I mean, look, you’re not allowed to use the c-word on this programme, but the guy is a coward. And he is a charlatan.”  

Reid looked on in shock at what her co-presenter had said before he turned and asked if she agreed with his statement. 

She replied: “Well, it would be lovely to have him on the programme this morning, that’s what I’ll say.

“A warm invitation to you, Prime Minister, I’m sure you’re watching this morning we’d very much like to talk to you.”

The comments made from the presenters divided the viewer watching at home, with many concerned Campbell was giving a “biased” opinion. 

The Office of Communications, which is the UK’s broadcasting, telecommunications, and postal regulatory body, has revealed it received 66 complaints from viewers watching this particular episode. 

At the time, many took to social media platform Twitter to express their opinions of Campbell’s comments. 

Delany Gibson wrote: “I like Alastair Campbell, but his political bias towards his previous employers is ridiculous. #gmb.” 

Will Conway also commented: “I won’t agree with everything @BorisJohnson does or says, but to publicly humiliate, calling him a coward is just damn right disgusting. 

“Surely a journalist/reporter/broadcaster should be neutral #GMB.”

Despite not appearing on Good Morning Britain, Boris Johnson used BBC Breakfast as a platform to express his views at the Conservative party Conference. 

Long-standing presenter Dan Walker was on hand to conduct the interview with the Prime Minister but also faced backlash from viewers watching. 

Alastair Jones wrote: “@BBCBreakfast should challenge the PM, especially when he avoids the question (and, in fairness, Dan Walker tried, but Johnson repeatedly avoided the questions).”

“@BBCBreakfast Ever wonder why you are the only breakfast broadcaster being given an interview. Let me explain you are a soft touch! Shame on you. Look at @STVKathryn for how it’s done,” Anne K commented. 

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV. 
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