Exclusive: Challenge Legend CT Reflects On His Shocking Elimination

“Oh my god” is right: Challenge viewers just witnessed total madness.

During tonight’s brand-new episode, legendary competitor CT — who has made his mark on the MTV series for more than 15 years and racked up so many unforgettable wins and #1 titles — was defeated by rookie (and undeniable underdog) Jay. It was undeniably one of the biggest dope a** match ups upsets (if not the biggest) in the series’ storied run — and it was “sick, dude.”

“You earned it, brother,” the reigning War of the Worlds 2 champion (who opted to go in against Jay even though he was part of the winning Tribunal trio) told the Survivor newbie after the former bested him in Purgatory.

And TJ had nothing but complimentary words for Jay (who already had a Red Skull post-Asaf victory) and remarked that the feat during “Take Shelter” was “near to impossible.” It’s also worth noting: CT is the first player to be atop the leader board in a challenge — and then be eliminated — in the program’s history.

And in the exclusive video below, CT reflects on the significant takedown mere moments after it unfolded.

“He beat me fair and square,” the Real World vet said. “I made a couple of devastating mistakes.”

Does CT think that Jay has the ability to make it all the way to the end? And will CT be back to try for his fourth crown? Watch the clip, give us your take on the shocking ouster in the comments and keep watching Total Madness (it’s mad!) every Wednesday at 8/7c.

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