Emmerdale’s Tracy Metcalfe in heartbreaking postnatal depression storyline reveals boss Kate Brooks

EMMERDALE has confirmed a heartbreaking postnatal depression storyline for Tracy Metcalfe.

The new mum – who is played by actress Amy Walsh in the ITV soap – has been struggling since the birth of her baby Frankie earlier this year.

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And now soap boss Kate Brooks has revealed it’s part of a major new storyline looking at the reality of postnatal depression.

Speaking to The Sun, Kate said: “Everyone loves Tracy – she’s fun and feisty and full of life, however over the past few weeks we have seen Tracy is struggling to adapt to life as a new mum. 

“We wanted to tell a heartbreaking but very real story about postnatal depression. 

“About how it can affect people without any prior warning. Even those who ostensibly seem to have it all – an adoring partner, a textbook baby – we wanted to show the truth about how it can impact on people’s lives.”

Kate added: “We’ve worked extensively with numerous charities but most notably the APNI charity to ensure we tell a raw and very honest portrayal about how postnatal depression affects Tracy and her family around her. 

“It’s a really sad statistic but up to one in every ten women will develop postnatal depression within the first 12 months of having a baby. 

“So this is an important and all to relatable story to tell. This storyline will be hard to watch at times but ultimately it’s a story about love and hope. 

“And we do hope it offers comfort to those going through a very similar experience. 

“A very important story to tell for Emmerdale and one we’ve taken care to ensure we’re hitting the correct tone as we tell the story and as the story develops. 

“A very real and gripping story.”

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