Emmerdale shock as Kim Tate convinces son Jamie she’s poisoned him in horrifying revenge

EMMERDALE fans are in shock for Kim Tate as she humiliated her son Jamie for trying to kill her before kicking him out and disowning him.

The businesswoman – who is played by actress Claire King in the ITV soap – faked her own death and returned tonight to take revenge on her son Jamie for poisoning her.

“Surprise,” Kim said appearing behind Jamie.

“I was expecting a bit more of a welcome home, after all it’s not every day your mother comes back from the dead.”

Jamie was horrified and tried to cover up his lies – and it ended in an epic row between the scheming superbitch and her son.

She revealed all about how Paddy had let slip about the diazepam Jamie had been taking from work and from then she put a plan into place.

Recruiting Will, she hired actors to play fake police and doctors to create the illusion she had been killed.

“I’d have forgiven you if you’d just admitted the truth,” Kim told him.

“You did your best, you just came up against a better player and if it makes you feel any better I was impressed. 

“You had a plan, you stuck to it but unfortunately for you you didn’t see it through to the end. It’s because you’re weak, you haven’t got the guts. 

“That’s where you and I differ – I wouldn’t hesitate because if someone’s betrayed me I make them pay.”

She added: “You really don’t know me at all Jamie, I’m old school, I believe an eye for an eye but I’ve used something much more effective. 

“It’s already too late for you. It’s already in your bloodstream.”

Kim then claimed she had already poisoned Jamie, convincing him he was going to die.

As he panicked, he begged to be let out so he could see his daughter Millie for one last goodbye.

But she refused and she simply wound him up more – before revealing the truth that there was no poison.

Instead she kicked him out and disowned him in a show of power, before breaking down in tears once he left.

One fan wrote: "Hopefully Jamie will learn his lesson but I doubt it." 

A second said: "Shame Kim didn’t actually poison Jamie, but she’s still a cunning queen. Claire King, take a bow!"

Another added: "Kim's got Jamie cornered!"

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