EastEnders fans swooning over “ageless” Sharon Watts who looks ‘20 years old’

BBC EastEnders viewers were distracted by Sharon Watts' latest look on tonight’s episode with some claiming she looks '20 years old'.

Actress Letitia Dean, 54, has played the role of Sharon Watts since 1981 and tonight sparked a new frenzy amongst fans who are loving her current style, with some claiming she looks years younger.

Sharon recently returned to the soap after a holiday sporting a glowing tan, perfect blonde locks, and a flawless face of make-up, leaving viewers stunned with her ageless appearance.

Taking to Twitter one person stated: "SHARON LOOKS 20 YEARS OLD # EastEnders." A second wrote: "Sharon is back and she looks 25. Queen. #EastEnders."

A third gushed: "Wow. Tish Dean aka Sharon is turning back time. She looks amazing #EastEnders", meanwhile another added: "Shazza always showing up looking younger by the day".

"Sharon!! she looks so beautiful, she could easily pass for 18 #EastEnders", tweeted another.

One fan even jokingly suggested the star has undergone plastic surgery but Letitia has not addressed such speculation.

“Good evening to Sharon Watts’ cosmetic surgeon only #Eastenders.”

This wouldn't be the first time Sharon stuns EastEnders fans with her appearance.

In March 2022, viewers had already expressed their amazement when she came back to Albert Square looking younger and more relaxed than ever.

Many viewers then named her a "skinny queen", gushing over her glam new look.

Sharon Watts is one of EastEnders' last standing original characters as she has appeared in the program since 1985, with Letitia Dean being added to the line-up as a teenager.

In tonight’s episode Sharon was seen urging Linda to tell Nancy the truth about the money as the two prepared for a trip to Watford together.

After Nancy stormed off in the middle of the trip after a confrontation about Linda’s plans to leave a few weeks ago, Linda gets frustrated when her car breaks down and she turns to alcohol.

Later, Janine intercepts a drunken call from Linda and becomes desperate to stop her from telling Mick the truth.

Janine gets a cab to Linda and drives her home along with Annie.

Janine begs Linda not to tell Mick the truth, but the conversation is interrupted when Janine loses control of the car and crashes.

Meanwhile, Ben tells Lewis that he gave him an STI and Kheerat is concerned when he sees the medication that Ben is taking and pledges his support.

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