EastEnders fans point out blunder after Ruby steals baby scan from pregnant woman to trick Martin

EASTENDERS fans spotted a glaring blunder last night after Ruby Allen stole a baby scan from a pregnant woman to trick her husband Martin.

The club owner – who is played by Louisa Lytton in the BBC One soap – needed to pretend she was further on into her pregnancy than 7 weeks after initially lying about carrying Martin’s baby, but fans noticed a huge flaw in Ruby’s plan.

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EastEnders viewers watched as Ruby chatted to another woman who was further on into her pregnancy in the hospital waiting room, before pocketing her scan photo and rushing out of the building.

Ruby then sneakily covered the other woman’s name on the baby scan and beamed as she showed it to Martin, convinced she’d got away with her trick.

But fans were convinced Stacey would bust Ruby further down the line and were quick to flock to Twitter and point out her error.

One viewer tweeted: "#Eastenders So she's put it in a frame, so if taken out, the original name can be seen in the corner, convenient for an explosive moment later probably with Stacey!"

Another added: "We know Stacey will see that pic, take it out of the frame and see the birth mothers name and 20 week stamp…..she's just found out she's pregnant – it'll be born 2 months early and no one will question it!?!#EastEnders"

A third chimed in: "Nah get Stacey to see the scan and she will work it out #Eastenders"

Viewers know that  Stacey guessed that Ruby could be lying about her pregnancy when Kush admitted she’d paid him to leave Walford with Arthur. 

But when Stacey confronted Ruby at the club and forced her to take a pregnancy test, both women were lost for words when the result was positive. 

Ruby is set to fall down the stairs backwards this week as an argument she’s having with Stacey takes a nasty turn.

And actress Louisa Lytton – who plays Ruby – has hinted there could be more dark twists around the corner for Ruby and Stacey.

Speaking to The Sun and other media, she revealed: “Yeah I think she sort of spins a web if that makes sense. And it gets to the point where she has to lie even more and make even more bad decisions in order to try and get herself out of the lies she’s told."

She added: “It won’t get darker in the sense that she’s not a baddie or evil I just think that she makes really bad decisions."

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