Eamonn Holmes says the 'comeback starts here' as he feels good for first time in 5 weeks after suffering chronic pain

IT'S been a tough slog, but This Morning's Eamonn Holmes is feeling 'good' after five weeks of debilitating back pain.

The TV host shared his good news on Twitter and promised it was the start of his "comeback".

"My Physio has just left , and u know what ? For the first time in 5 weeks I feel good ! Can't believe I'm saying that but steroid injections from last week must be kicking in too. The comeback starts here …….. I hope," he wrote adding a prayer hands emoji.

His fans reacted with joy to the good news, telling him, "glad you're feeling better" and wanting regular updates about his "road to recovery".

"After seeing all the crap news this evening this is the best news I've heard in ages," wrote on Twitter user.

Another added: "Glad you're feeling better Eamonn let's hope it's the start of you getting relatively pain free."

And a third said: "Great news Sir! Delighted you are feeling better and getting results! There is hope! Thanks for sharing! Well done to Ruth too! Support is a huge help! love n light!"

Viewers saw his health struggles earlier this month when he went missing from This Morning after pain in his back delayed him in the advert break.

The presenter – who bravely returned to the ITV daytime show despite his health woes – was unable to make it back from the loo in time.

He returned moments later with a walking stick to do a phone-in about chronic pain sufferers.

Earlier in that show, Eamonn opened up about how he had been unable to sleep because of the pain he’s in.

Eamonn told viewers: “About a month ago I did something to my back, I don’t know what.

“It could have been getting into a car, getting out of bed, whatever.

“I’ve got an MRI scan but the problem is everything closes down at Easter so I haven’t got it analysed yet.

“What I do know is I can’t sleep at night, the pain is worse at night.

“The humbling thing about this is when you go on social media you talk to people about who suffers from this you realise age isn’t a barrier, where you live isn’t a barrier, how much you earn isn’t a barrier… so many of you have this chronic pain from all sorts of different sources.”

Eamonn has told how sleep is his “only escape” from the agony he has suffered over the past five weeks.

But Eamonn and Ruth have also had some other good news this week as the married couple, both 61, boosted their earnings by over £1million as their businesses flourish.

They both earn large salaries from presenting and they own a mansion in Surrey worth millions.

Their firm Holmes and Away – described as set up to receive income from radio broadcasting – raked in more than £500,000 in 2020 and owes £116,241 in corporation tax.

Another outfit for television activities called Red, White and Green run by Eamonn has £1.1million in cash according to accounts for 2020 and investments of £1.7million.

And a company called Hey-Ho Ltd in Ruth’s name for “theatrical” business has resources of £1.5million.

Eamonn also revealed this month that he was about to become a grandad as his son Declan, 32, and wife Jenny were expecting a baby.

Declan is Eamonn's son from his ex-wife Gabrielle with whom he shares three kids.

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