Dog The Bounty Hunter reveals he’ll be ‘alone’ for first Christmas after beloved wife Beth’s death – The Sun

DUANE "The Dog" Chapman will be spending the holidays "mostly alone" after the death of his wife, Beth, back in June.

In a heart-breaking interview, Duane said that his children will be celebrating the holidays individually after he struggled with getting them all together and that he feels "lonely".

According to the reality TV star and bounty hunter, his late wife was the one who could manage to get the kids in one place for the holidays, but this year, he failed.

He told Radar Online: "Beth was the punisher in the family and they know their dad is a softy."

"So, a lot of the kids aren’t coming this year. They’re like 'Dad, we are going to do our own thing.' I’m like 'Okay, whatever.' So that’s a little sad. I’ll mostly be alone."

Duane has 13 children from multiple previous marriages, but he shared two with his late wife.

Beth, his faithful companion for the last 22 years, passed away on June 26 after her throat cancer spread to her lungs.

She was placed in a medically induced comma before passing away due to complications.

Duane also talked about how his wife's death made him want to take care of himself. His New Year's resolution is to stop smoking for good.

But he said that, unfortunately, his sadness is still too much and wonders how he got through the year without her.

He said: "Allegedly time heals all wounds, but if I start thinking about it, then I go back to the original. I used to think for sure there is a heaven.

"I’m not sure anymore. If there was, Beth would talk to God to letting her come back for just a minute. And so I know there is a God for sure.

"But I don’t know about heaven. I hope to God there is and I can see her again. I’m going through that right now."

"I’m very lonely."

The loss of Beth devastated Duane and he's immersed himself into his work, focusing on the second season of his show Dogs Most Wanted.

He told Radar Online: "I’m really depending on Season 2 after the holidays. I’m hoping for the best."

"I was looking at mugshots and talking to the mugshots and saying you know 'You better enjoy your freedom right now because I’m going to tell you something, wait until you get a load of Dog without Beth.'"

“So catching the bad guys kind of keeps my mind off of stuff. But I feel like doing something worthy in life to keep going. I feel kind of empty without putting some of them really bad bastards in jail."

A couple of months after her death, there were rumors that Duane had committed suicide due to his deep sadness.

He was also hospitalized in October and diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism, a dangerous artery blockage that could lead to a heart attack.

He's cut back on his cigarette addiction and works out more often.

He said: "I’m doing much better. Dr. Oz saved my life. I’m almost less than a pack of cigarettes a day in the last of couple of weeks."


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Duane first made headlines after he captured Max Captors, who had fled the United States half way through his trial where he was charged with drugging and raping several women.

He then had his own show in A&E called Dog the Bounty Hunter with a spin-off called Dog and Beth: On The Hunt.

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