Doctor Who: Jodie replaced by Christopher Eccleston? Star has one demand for return

Ben Whishaw says he's 'definitely not Doctor Who'

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Christopher Eccleston portrayed the Doctor for one series of the BBC’s iconic science-fiction drama back in 2005 and hasn’t returned to the role since. As Doctor Who fans prepare to say goodbye to the 13th incarnation, played by Jodie Whittaker, could the fan-favourite Time Lord return to take over?

The former Doctor Who star suggested he could return to the BBC staple, but only if his Doctor doesn’t reunite with his previous incarnations.

At a recent Supanova Q&A panel, Christopher opened up about his dislike for multi-Doctor storylines, such as the 50th anniversary special.

He declined to return for the one-off episode, which united Matt Smith with David Tennant and also introduced John Hurt as the mysterious War Doctor.

However, there’s a chance he could return to take over Jodie if the Ninth Doctor was able to lead the series by himself.

“I’ve never been a fan of multi-Doctor stories,” he admitted.

“When I worked on the series, I had really strong ideas about what works and what doesn’t, and I always think that multi-Doctor stories are a bit of a cash-in, and a bit of exploitation.”

Throughout the show’s history there have been several episodes bringing together a number of different incarnations of the time-travelling hero.

Christopher is one of the only actors who hasn’t made a TV appearance with another Doctor, and it seems he intends to keep it that way.

“Creatively, they never worked for me,” he explained.

“I looked at the script for the 50th anniversary and I felt as soon as I said I wasn’t doing it, [it] got better because, well, if i’m not in it, it’s better.

“But the creation of the War Doctor introduced a whole new facet to the canon. I know it made some people anxious, the fundamentalists, but, no. I mean, the father of us all is William Hartnell, but the greatest Doctor is Jodie Whitaker.”

He went on to explain how the Ninth Doctor’s isolation following the Time War was a huge part of his character.

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His Doctor would be just as averse to teaming up with former versions of himself, but there could be a possibility for his return in a solo adventure.

He added: “The Ninth Doctor, in particular, is a one-man band. Definitely.

“So he doesn’t work with other Doctors. If you want me back, you’d get me on my own.”

His attitude seems to have changed from the last time he was asked about returning by Lorraine Kelly, to which he replied “when hell freezes over”.

He has also detailed in the RadioTimes how he “lost trust and faith” in showrunner Russell T Davies, who is returning to helm the new series after Jodie’s departure.

Even so, Christopher has since reprised his role in a series of Big Finish audio dramas, starting last year.

Former Doctor David Tennant is still topping the polls for fans’ favourite to take over from Jodie, so the BBC may already be considering bringing a previous actor back into the fold.

Plus, there have also been rumours of Christopher returning alongside David and Matt Smith for the upcoming 60th anniversary special.

Is the legendary screen thespian starting to warm up to the idea of returning to one of his most iconic roles?

Doctor Who is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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