Dennis Rodman had a simple request for his The Last Dance interview

Michael Jordan fans have been loving the chance to look back at his career on The Last Dance.

But Dennis Rodman’s involvement in the docu-series has seen him become one of the main talking points after new episodes drop each week.

The docu-series is primarily about the Chicago Bulls and their glory days with focus on the team’s legendary players including MJ, Scottie Pippen and Dennis. 

And it features a mix of old footage and recently conducted interviews in which these key characters look back at their iconic run in the 90s.

But when Dennis was approach by The Last Dance director Jason Hehir to be interviewed for the series, he originally offered a 10 minute chat.

And he had two items he needed to get comfortable was ‘a tuna sub from Subway and some chamomile tea.’

Jason admitted: ‘It was like (Dave) Chappelle sending the guys for a sugar cookie in Queens… Unless you pass this test, you cannot do this interview. But that is a difficult guy to interview.’

Thankfully, Dennis was happy with his snacks and ended up sitting down to chat for three hours.

His appearance in the series has led to fans remembering some of the wild antics he managed to get into both on-and-off the court.

During the final two episodes, the documentary recounted Rodman infamously skipping practice (again) in the middle of the NBA finals to hang out with wrestler Hulk Hogan!

Safe to say Dennis Rodman has a life story we need to see on the big screen. 

The Last Dance is available to stream on Netflix.

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