CW's Next Arroverse Crossover Will Be Smaller And Won't Happen Until 2021

The Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths featured the vast majority of heroes–and a few villains–from all across The CW’s DC programming. While the Arrowverse crossover event has become an annual staple for these series, there are a few changes coming to the next one.

CW’s next DC crossover won’t be as ambitious as last year’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, and it won’t happen in December, like the annual event normally does, according to Variety.

“It will not happen in December but it will happen sometime hopefully first or second quarter of 2021,” CW chairman and CEO Mark Pedowitz said. “It’ll be a smaller event than usual. We’re already planning a two-hour event. We are talking about doing Superman and Batwoman together at this point, with a lot of characters coming from other shows. But again, timing is impacted across the board, but we are planning for sometime middle, late first quarter, early second quarter, for that to happen.”

This news comes right after the announcement that there will be no new DC/CW TV series for the rest of 2020, according to TVLine. The DC Universe original series Swamp Thing will be airing on the network this fall, but it is still cancelled. The DC streaming service show got the axe mid-way through Season 1 last year. Future seasons weren’t going to be “monster of the week” stories, but it was going to explore vampires and werewolves, according to showrunner Gary Dauberman. Swamp Thing is helping CW fill out its fall schedule while the coronavirus pandemic delays production of the network’s other shows.

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