Counting On fans want single sister Jana Duggar, 31, to star on her own Bachelorette show so she can find love

COUNTING On fans pitched the Duggar family's single daughter Jana to star on her own Bachelorette-type reality show.

Jim Bob and Michelle's eldest daughter, 31, has famously not yet wed.

The DuggarsSnark Reddit account posted: "I’m bored – this family has not put out new, interesting content in a while. What if TLC did a bachelor-style courtship show for Jana?

"Each show features a different chaperone from her family. 25-30 men from across the Bible Belt. The engagement and the end would be actually believable since these people get engaged in record time."

Another Redditor posted: "But the catch is Jana never picks a guy (which is likely, considering she has yet to do so) and the show just keeps going. The show continues…counting on, if you will. 19 defrauded men and counting."

Others commented: "Now this I would actually watch."

Bachelor Nation's two most recent Bachelorette contestants were Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams.

Earlier this week, Jana's brother Jase shared a photo of her and her longtime friend Laura DeMasie out at Magnolia Market with him.

He captioned the snaps: “Thanks @chipgaines for making #Magnolia a cool place for the guys, too!”

Jase then fired back at a troll who claimed she isn’t allowed to be out and about without a chaperone.

The 20-year-old reality star insisted his family’s strict rules are not stopping Jana from going anywhere she pleases.

Jana being single is a rarity in fundamental Baptist circles, and she "hates" being the last sister at home at their gated Arkansas mansion.

A close source told The Sun: "Jana is very independent and more alpha compared to her sisters, but she can't get a place of her own until she meets someone her family approves of.

"The Duggars are so religious, they wouldn't agree with her moving out and living alone, or living with a friend or boyfriend, it's frowned upon, it's ridiculous but it's how it's always been."

Earlier this month Jana's reported ex Lawson Bates debuted his new girlfriend, Tiffany Espensen, on Instagram.

The Bringing Up Bates star captioned the photo: "Is it the 14586 feet, or something else that’s taking my breath away "

Tiffany is an actress, with roles in Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Lion Guard.

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