Coronation Streets Ryan explains how harrowing shower scene was filmed with no acting

Coronation Street actor Ryan Prescott has described how filming the harrowing shower scenes after his character, Ryan Connor, was the victim of an acid attack took "no acting".

Ryan is part of Coronation Street's biggest current storyline, as his character had sulphuric acid hurled in his face by Justin Rutherfield (played Andrew Still). He had been aiming to hit Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan), who he has been stalking.

The acid landing on Ryan was a massive plot twist and took place as bride-to-be Daisy and Ryan stood in the Rovers Return before they intended to travel to the wedding.

Ryan had jumped in front of Daisy as Justin lashed out, with the couple not realising that Justin was holding acid, which burned Ryan's face.

Later, after being rushed to medics, the episode ended with a traumatised Ryan covered in bandages recovering in a hospital bed.

As he spoke to hospital staff, Ryan said: "You're going to be able to do something, right? You're going to be able to fix it, right?"

To which the doctor admitted: "We need to see how your face heals first. Ideally, we'd like to be able to avoid a skin graft."

The doctor continued: "But we would like to take you into surgery tonight for a skin graft on your arm."

Another doctor added: "You've been through quite a trauma, Ryan, it's going to take you a while to come to terms with everything but we will be working together throughout your recovery."

Actor Ryan appeared on This Morning on Tuesday to discuss the harrowing scenes, including one which saw his character shower to try to wash the acid off.

He told show hosts Holly Willoughby and Alison Hammond about a substance that should be found in any emergency medical centre which is an "acid and alkaline neutraliser".

He continued: "But apart from that, if you can't get your hands on anything like that, water, a constant running stream."

Holly said to him: "That wasn't hot water they were putting on you though was it?"

He replied: "No it wasn't! I was completely unprepared for the temperature of the water – there was no acting happening in the following scene.

"It's just me trying to breathe for several hours."

He then explained how the water "couldn't have any steam, so it had to be cold water".

Coronation Street has worked alongside The Katie Piper Foundation and Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI) for the harrowing story.

Loose Women star Katie Piper was the victim of a horrific acid attack in March 2008, which was arranged by her ex-boyfriend.

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