Coronation Street fans baffled as Craig Tinker makes HUGE blunder investigating Ted's death

POLICE constable Craig Tinker is investigating Ted's death after the pensioner was ran over by Emma and Faye.

However, his less than secretive behaviour about the case alarmed Coronation Street viewers on Thursday, January 6, 2022.

After attempting to remove all evidence of their involvement with Ted, Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell) and Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) are desperate to stay one step ahead of authorities.

They were given a full rundown of the case by Craig on Thursday's episode of Corrie.

Colson Smith's character puzzled fans when he gave crucial details of the investigation surrounding the elderly man's passing to both young women, whom he doesn't suspect to be implicated.

ITV viewers found it baffling that a police officer could be so open about an ongoing investigation with civilians, some taking to Twitter to vent about the blunder.

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"Craig should really have lessons on how to remain confidential", wrote one Twitter user.

Another added: "Craig ain't very confidential for a copper?"

A third noted that police officers like Craig shouldn't be allowed to share such information, despite their emotional link to members of the public.

Craig has been in a relationship with Faye for the past few months.

"Is Craig really allowed to go round openly talking about cases like that?", said the user.

"Ain't there protocols to follow or something? Meanwhile he just goes home & immediately tells his girlfriend absolutely everything like it's just some random gossip seriously?"

"You can't be blurting out all these confidential things to 'em, Craig!", a fourth viewer chimed in.

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Faye and Emma eagerly questioned Craig about the case but his revelations failed to reassure them.

Both characters learned that they could be involved in the investigation because of a parcel.

"We're still waiting for a post-mortem and for forensics to do another sweep. We are worried though, we want answers! I got a lead today though. I was at the property and a neighbour said that he let a delivery driver into the building," Craig told them.

"There's a parcel signed for in the flat after he died. So we’re going to track down the delivery driver and find out who signed for it."

Faye and Emma ran over newbie Ted (portrayed by Yorkshire comedian Duggie Brown) during a driving lesson which took place after a drunken New Year's Eve party.

A tipsy Emma left Faye take the wheel when the pensioner ventured in the middle of the road to retrieve some of his shopping.

Although he assured he was fine and refused to be taken to hospital, Ted was found dead in his home by Emma and Faye who had decided to check up on him.

The pair have been trying to cover up all evidence of the accident.

While both run the risk of major legal repercussions, Faye's fate could be bleaker than Emma's.

This is not only due to her driving but also to a previous prison stay.

Faye was sentenced to three years behind bars in April, 2021, after attacking Adam Barlow, whom she had mistaken for Ray Crosby, and leaving him for dead.

She was released on bail at the end of 2021 and is trying to readapt to life outside of prison.

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