Coronation Street and Emmerdale stars set for 'serious' pay rise after ITV wrangles with taxman

SOME of TV’s biggest soap stars are set for big pay rises as part of new deals after a wrangle with the taxman.

Household names on Coronation Street and Emmerdale have long been paid via so-called personal service companies and as freelancers.

That allowed ITV not to pay the actors’ national insurance or to give them holiday pay.

But HMRC will tell the broadcaster to make all of the shows’ main cast “staff” following a similar issue at the BBC. Tax chiefs say ITV must adopt the new structure — or allow soap stars to work elsewhere, which they are currently forbidden from doing.

Corrie cast members likely to benefit include most of the younger stars, including Sair Khan, Tina O’Brien and Colson Smith.

On Emmerdale those expected to be affected include Lucy Pargeter and Matthew Wolfenden.

A source said: “When this kicks in, everyone impacted is going to be pushing for the best possible deal to guarantee themselves a big salary — which might lead to serious pay rises.”

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