Cancellation Anxiety: 26 Broadcast Shows Are Still on the Bubble

At this point in May, our list of remaining bubble shows is typically hovering at or around zero. But the global coronavirus pandemic has thrown the fall scheduling process into upheaval, leading many of the major broadcast networks to delay renewal/cancellation decisions on their remaining in-limbo series until later this month (or beyond).

According to our latest tabulations, the casts and crews of 26 (!!) scripted series (broadcast only) are still awaiting word on the fate of their day jobs. The verdict is already in on most CBS and CW shows, so many of the two dozen-plus question marks are concentrated at ABC, Fox and NBC.

Which Shows Are Still on the Bubble?

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Among the comedies and dramas still hovering between life and death are four of the Top 5 vote-getters in TVLine’s recent poll of yet-to-be-renewed shows you hope to see picked up for another season: ABC’s The Rookie, Fox’s The Resident, NBC’s Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and Fox’s Prodigal Son. Your No. 1 pick, CBS’ S.W.A.T., was renewed earlier this month.

To view the complete list of scripted broadcast series still on the bubble, make your way to the above gallery above — or click here for direct access — and riddle us this in the comments section below: Which of these undecided shows are you pulling for the most?

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