Brooklyn Nine-Nine Finale Sneak Peek: Jake and Amy Discuss Baby Names… Amid a Citywide Purge?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is about to welcome a new addition to the squad — and no one is more excited about it than Charles.

We’re of course talking about Jake and Amy’s baby, whose birth is fast approaching in the NBC comedy’s Season 7 finale (airing Thursday at 8:30/7:30c). In TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek, Jake’s bestie asks if he and the Mrs. have settled on a name yet, but not the name you think he’s asking about.

“What’s he going to call me?” Boyle asks. “Uncle Chuck? Uncky C? Ooh! Chi Chi so he says it early!”

But Jake and Amy haven’t given much thought to what their son is going to call Charles, let alone what he’ll call Charles’ dad. (Pop Pop, at least, appears to be off the table.)

Talk of baby names is put on hold when all the lights go off inside the precinct. Jake, Amy, Charles and Rosa then proceed to the roof, where they confirm that all of Brooklyn has lost power. Jake tries to find the beauty in a borough-wide blackout, only to discover that New Yorkers are on the verge of entering full-blown Purge mode.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s season-ender is sandwiched between the Season 5 finale of Superstore (at 8 pm; get scoop) and the (second) series finale of Will & Grace (at 9 pm, followed by a W&G retrospective). The Andy Samberg comedy was previously renewed for an eighth season (its third on NBC), more than three months before the start of Season 7.

Press PLAY on the clip above, then drop a comment below and tell us what you think Jake and Amy will name their son.

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