'Big Brother 21' Stars Holly Allen and Kathryn Dunn No Longer on Speaking Terms

Before competing on Big Brother 21 together, Holly Allen and Kathryn Dunn knew each other for several years as they were both heavily involved in the pageant industry and promo modeling. During the show, they were romantically involved with the same guy, who Allen still dates, but it didn’t bother the ladies as they shook on a Final Two deal until her eviction. After the show, Allen and Dunn hung out several times before they had a serious argument that ended their friendship.

Holly Allen and Kathryn Dunn on ‘Big Brother 21’

In 2019, 29-year-old Texas-based digital marketing executive Kathryn Dunn and 31-year-old wine safari guide Holly Allen both competed on Big Brother 21.

The two previously knew each other before entering the BB house as they both were heavily involved in the pageant industry. While the two acknowledged knowing of each other, they maintained that they never had a friendship.

Soon after moving into the BB house, Dunn became romantically involved with Tennessee server, Jackson Michie. However, he ended their fling to pursue Allen, one of his allies.

His decision didn’t bother the marketing executive, and she went on to create an alliance with herself and the new showmance called “Threemance.” Additionally, the ladies made a secret Final Two deal with each other.

Dunn apparently told Michie about the pre-existing relationship she had with the wine safari guide while they were together, and he informed his best friend in the house, Jack Matthews.

However, his closest ally betrayed him and spilled the beans, alienating the showmance from the once tight-knit alliance. The revelation put a target on Dunn’s back, and the house voted to evict her only two weeks later.

Holly Allen and Kathryn Dunn continued hanging out after ‘Big Brother 21’

After the series ended, Allen, Dunn, and several of the castmates partied in Las Vegas, and they visited Area 51. Additionally, the former pageant queen took her new friends on a private tour around the Malibu Wine Safari, where she worked before appearing on BB21.

A couple of months after the show ended, Allen and Dunn hung out in Colorado together for a BossBabe event. In January 2020, Michie and Allen moved into a Playa Vista apartment, and Kat visited them alongside then-boyfriend Nick Maccarone.

According to the Texas-native, she and Allen had a falling out during that trip, and haven’t spoken since.

Holly Allen and Kathryn Dunn no longer on speaking terms

In a US Weekly interview, the former pageant beauty revealed the two had more than just “an argument” that one can quickly get over. Instead, she implied that Allen said “really hurtful” things to her that Dunn believes the safari guide had been “harboring.” Therefore, “it went from being an argument to friendships were severed.”

While Dunn has no ill will toward Allen, she doesn’t think it’s “healthy” to continue a friendship with the former Miss Wyoming. Additionally, the marketing executive no longer routinely communicates with Michie because “that’d be weird” as he’s currently dating her ex-friend. Allen and Michie have both unfollowed Dunn on Instagram and vice versa.

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