Better Call Saul season 5 finale trailer teases explosive gunfight as cartel clash turns deadly – The Sun

BETTER Call Saul's fifth season is set to end with a bang if the teaser trailer is anything to go by.

The show about drug cartels and their lawyer set up the final episode with an absolute intense cliffhanger.

The final scene showed Jimmy and Kim trying to get away from Lalo, but at the same time Mike has is sniper set on Salamanca.

But the trailer for the Better Call Saul season finale suggests were Lalo went as he's seen poolside similar to the one at cartel boss Dona Eladio's estate.

It also drops plenty of clues about what happens to the other major characters.

Gus has a shady meeting with an unknown force, but Nacho is nowhere to be found in the trailer for the AMC drama.

“What happens next?” Jimmy asks at the start of the season 5 finale trailer.

In an unexpected twist it seems Jimmy and Kim are in Mike's firing line, however.

The trailer shows how Jimmy asks Mike for intel and while Kim continually lurks in the background.

Their relationship is in a pressure cooker and the fact Jimmy is in a hotel room at the end of the trailer could signify the end of their coupledom.


Better Call Saul is a spin-off of drug drama Breaking Bad, and lays the groundwork for the events in the groundbreaking AMC drama.

Better Call Saul is streaming on Netflix.

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