Bake Off's Paul Hollywood reveals he lost a stone on a diet of boiled eggs, bread and soup

BAKE Off's Paul Hollywood has revealed he lost a stone on a diet of boiled eggs, bread and soup.

The TV host, 55, went back to basics to trim down after he piled on the pounds from the first lockdown.

Paul has told how he stripped back his diet and upped his exercise to get fit again.

He told The Mirror: "I’ve actually lost a stone. In fact, just over. I am working out a little bit – doing a bit of walking and running and tinkering… just watching what I’m eating really."

He explained: "Every morning I have a couple of eggs from the farm down the road and I make my own toast. So, it’s chucky eggs and soldiers and then in the evening I may have another slice of bread with tomato soup."

He revealed he has kicked booze to the curb too, telling the outlet: "I’m on about 1,100 calories a day. I drink about two litres of water as well. I haven’t had alcohol for about four months."

Paul said that he put on a few extra pounds because he couldn't leave his house to ride his bike.

He also blamed a change in filming style on the Channel 4 show, which means now that there are no breaks between trying all the different bakes they are eating non-stop.

Speaking to The Sun last year about his weight gain, Paul said: "For the first time I put a bit of weight on this year — I wanted to get out more.

"Normally I'm out on the bike, I'm out doing stuff out and away, but I put a little bit of weight on."

He added: "It's really difficult when you're there, because you always start off and you're eating so much stuff.

"We used to have a little gap in between each one. Now we're not so it felt like you were constantly eating!"

Meanwhile Ex-Bake Off host Sue Perkins revealed she used to whack Paul under the bread basket with a loaf to get his attention.

Sue, 51, revealed: “For a while Paul and I only spoke through the medium of violence. Early doors, there were a lot of props, big lifelike plastic baguettes.

"I’d smash a cob into his b******s. I mean, really hard as well, no messing. Like a stab.”

Show judge Paul was quick to get revenge.

Sue added: “If I’d just finished a link that wasn’t really going anywhere, he’d appear and uppercut me with a baguette that would knock my teeth together."

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