Bad Boys Spin-Off TV Series Is Happening On Fox

This year’s action sequel Bad Boys For Life was a big hit, and it showed that there was still plenty of interest in the action franchise, which stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. It might have been the first Bad Boys movie in 17 years, but a spin-off show quietly premiered back in May last year. Titled LA’s Finest, it focuses on Detective Syd Burnett, the character played by Gabrielle Union who appeared in 2003’s Bay Boys II. Season 1 of the series screened on the on-demand channel Spectrum, and it will make its network TV debut this fall.

As reported by TV Guide, LA’s Finest Season 1 will be part of Fox’s fall line-up. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing TV production to be suspended throughout Hollywood, networks are relying on already-finished shows to fill out their schedules. Season 1 will air on Fox on Monday nights. In addition, Season 2 of LA’s Finest is also set to premiere on Spectrum in June, and has been bought by Fox for a future broadcast.

The series also stars Jessica Alba as Nancy McKenna, a detective who teams up with Burnett to take on LA’s most dangerous criminals. The LA’s Finest pilot was originally made for NBC, but when the network passed on it in 2018, Spectrum picked the show up for full season.

Bad Boys For Life stands as the most successful movie of 2020 so far, making $419 million at the worldwide box office. However, there have been very few other big releases since it hit theaters at the end of January, and with theaters closed, it was rush-released to home entertainment platforms in April. Check out GameSpot’s Bad Boys For Life review, and this look at how the movie pulled off one of its wildest stunts.

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