Bachelorette Clare Crawley 'reunites with ex-fiance Dale Moss' after he's accused of cheating on her in nasty split

BACHELORETTE Clare Crawley "reunited with her ex-fiance Dale Moss" after he was accused of cheating on her after their nasty split.

The star had opened up to her fans about her dark days after their split and even made a radical change to her hair.

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Reality TV Steve shared a series of pictures where Clare, 39, and Dale, 32, were spotted together.

The formerly engaged couple had ended things back in January, shocking Bachelor Nation who had seen them get engaged in just two weeks of meeting.

In the picture, Clare rocked a white top and black leggings, hiding her face behind sunglasses.

On the other hand, Dale wore a maroon shirt and black pants, hinting that the two had been going on a run in Venice, Florida.

Neither one of them wore face masks amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

TMZ also shared pictures of the two of them grabbing drinks at Nokomo's Sunset Hut.

Eyewitnesses told the outlet that they were seen walking together and even hugged a few times, however, things stayed pretty platonic between them.

This new development in their relationship comes just one month after the two ended things.

Dale was the first one to confirm they had gone their separate ways with an alleged mutual statement, which Clare later shaded as she put out her own.

The Bachelorette star shared on her social media: "I was made aware of a 'mutual' statement at the same time you all were, so I've needed some time to really digest this.

"Speaking for myself, my intentions with this relationship have always been very clear, so the truth is I'm crushed.

"This was not what I expected or hoped for and am still trying to process this. 2020 was one hell of a year, with Covid-19, battling severe anxiety post-show, balancing public new relationship, all while slowly losing my mother.

"It hasn't been ideal circumstance, but that is life, right. I have been looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel. Our relationship was not pefect, but I can say that I was genuinely invested with all of my heart.

"I may not have all the answers, but I do know this – I will continue to show up, stand by my word, and be committed to love."

It was later revealed that the reason why the two went their separate ways was that Dale claimed he wasn't ready to commit, despite him proposing to her on national TV.

Additionally, various reports came out claiming Dale had cheated on Clare with a former New York City fling, real estate agent Eleonora Srugo.

However, Dale has denied all cheating allegations.

Most recently, Clare opened up about her dark days and revealed she has spent her days in sweatpants.

In a video, Clare held back her tears as she admitted she's still struggling after being dumped.

Clare – who recently dyed her hair pink – took to Instagram recently to do a Live on the social media platform when she talked about how she doing after her very public break-up.

As she talked about "the stress" she was going through after The Bachelorette, she noted how she was dealing with panic attacks and anxiety.

She said: "I held it in and tried to play strong and be strong for so long – I am a strong person but like – I tried to be that for so long that I didn't share my struggles with anxiety and what I was going through because I don't want to be a victim.

"I still don't want to be that, but I think there's so much to be said about being human and seeing each other as humans.

"Long story short, thinking about how I haven't shared much with you because I'm trying to put out there that we are survivors, we're thrivers, we do try our best for happiness and I did you guys a disservice and myself a disservice.

"Sharing what you're going through and the not so perfect parts or the struggles, I think when you open yourself up to share the stuff you're going through, not as a victim, but vulnerability and more as the human side of you.

"It gives people the opportunity to relate to it and share their own struggles."

She then thanked her fans for sending positivity and encouragement.

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