Animal Kingdom Boss Sizes Up Potential for a Deran/J Spinoff

Animal Kingdom is over, yes. But is it over and also done with? As the dust has settled in the wake of the TNT drama’s series finale (recapped in full here), quite a number of fans have found themselves hankering for a spinoff in which Jake Weary’s Deran strikes back at treacherous nephew J (Finn Cole). Could we actually get one?

“I haven’t heard anything,” showrunner Daniele Nathanson tells TVLine. “Those decisions are made above me. But I think the ending is supposed to feel like an ending.”

And that, the aptly titled “FUBAR” did, what with both of Deran’s brothers, not to mention Penny, winding up dead and Smurf’s house going up in flames. In writing the episode, the priority for Nathanson, she says, was ensuring that “we land the emotional ending of the story,” not setting up a possible next chapter.

Nevertheless, there is business that’s been left unfinished. Viewers would love to see whether and how Deran keeps his promise to a dying Craig to look after his fiancée and son. (Nathanson shares her thoughts on that topic here.) The audience is also keen on finding out whether Deran is able to track down J and exact his revenge for the epic backstab that took a fortune out of his pocket and got his siblings killed.

“Of course, you can always want to follow people,” Nathanson acknowledges. But “I don’t know how long you could continue that. It would be a different story.”

Would it be a story you’d want to watch being told? On your way to the comments, check out the above photo gallery of Animal Kingdom’s most shocking deaths.

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