Amy Duggar does the 'wine challenge' with husband Dillon King despite family's ban on booze

AMY Duggar did the "wine challenge" with her husband Dillon King despite her famous family's ban on booze.

Renegade Amy is defying her strict family's rules to guzzle booze.

The 33-year-old posted an Instagram video of her leaning backwards with a glass of white wine in her mouth as she passes it to her husband Dillon King.

Their young son Daxton, meanwhile, plays in the background.

She tagged it, "#winechallenge" and "#sundayshennanigans."

A fan responded to the video by writing: "A Duggar drinking alcohol?"

However, Amy proudly replied: "Cheers I'm a King."

It seems Amy is going all out to prove she's not as straight-laced as the rest of the family.

She recently posted a photo of herself drinking wine on Friday night.

Flaunting her drinking on social media is likely to offend Jim Boband wife Michelle, who have 19 kids.

The snap is a show of solidarity with her equally rebellious cousin Jill Dillard's decision to publicly drink alcohol too in defiance of family edicts.

Jill, 29, surprised Counting On fans when she revealed she was ignoring another one of her family's rules to not drink alcohol.

When a fan asked her on Instagram what she was drinking during a recent night out with husband Derick, Jill revealed that she was enjoying a piña colada.

Following backlash for breaking her family's regulations, Jill issued a snarky comeback to her critics.

She posted a snap of her and Derick enjoying coffee, which she captioned: "Morning coffee date with my hubby (& Sam tagging along too).

"Oh, and since it seems y’all are interested in my choice of drinks recently (lol recent post)…yes, this was a REGULAR coffee (I.e. full caf) white chocolate mocha with coconut milk."

Drinking is not the only way Jill has rebelled against her family.

She consistently posts outfits that can be considered less than modest by her parents, such as gym shorts, strapless tops, and jeans.

She also pierced her nose and enrolled her eldest son in public school, which Israel loves so far.

Jill became estranged from her famous family when she and Derick stepped away from their strict conservative values.

She's returned occasionally to Counting On to help out as a midwife during her sisters and sisters-in-laws' pregnancies, though Derick has not made any appearances.

Derick, 31, previously claimed that he and Jill are banned from the family compound when her father isn't there.

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