'Ally McBeal': Which Star Has the Highest Net Worth Today?

Ally McBeal was a 90s-era legal show with a quirky, irreverent tone. The cast of the Fox show gained popularity with fans, and many Ally McBeal alums went on to increase their fame and fortune. But how do the former cast mates stack up today when it comes to net worth?

‘Ally McBeal’ was unlike anyother legal show on the air

Legal series typically incorporatea serious tone, rigid procedural elements, and high stakes. But Ally McBeal challengedthe courtroom show genre and twisted the legal narrative into an entertainingand romantic romp.

The characters on the show werenot stuffy, cookie-cutter attorneys. They were eccentric, likable individualswith endearing idiosyncrasies. And unlike other law-based shows on networktelevision, the Fox dramedy injected fantasy elements and soulful musicalnumbers.

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Calista Flockhart portrayed thetitle character, Ally McBeal, a brilliant but awkward legal eagle. Greg Germanntook the role of the womanizer, Richard Fish. Mild-mannered John ‘The Biscuit’Cage was played by Peter MacNicol, with Portia de Rossi in the part of NellPorter, the object of John’s affection. Jane Krakowski played the blondebombshell, Elaine Vassal, and Lucy Liu played ice queen, Ling Woo. Also on themain cast were Lisa Nicole Carson, Courtney Thorne-Smith, and Gil Bellows asAlly’s best friend, Renee, and the law firm’s resident married couple, Georgiaand Billy Thomas.

With Vonda Shepard as the official Ally McBeal vocalist, a rock-solid main cast, and A-listers like Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Bon Jovi in featured roles, the show was a bona fide hit.

‘Ally McBeal’ stars ranked by net worth

After five seasons, Ally McBeal came to a close, but it wasn’t the end of the road for the actors who continued to work in entertainment. With that in mind, here’s how the primary cast members of Ally McBeal rank. All rankings are according to Celebrity Net Worth, except where noted.

9. Lisa Nicole Carson

With an estimated $100,000 in networth, actress and singer, Carson, claims the number nine spot.

8. Gil Bellows and Vonda Shepard

There is limited information about the total wealth of Bellows and Shepard. Although Celebrity Net Worth does not indicate their worth, several outlets, including Trend Celebs Now, estimate that both stars have likely amassed between $1 million and $5 million each.

7. Peter MacNicol

MacNicol, who has remained afixture in Hollywood, maintains an estimated $5 million in wealth.

6. Greg Germann

Recent Grey’s Anatomy import,Germann, boasts an estimated $8 million net worth.

5. Courtney Thorne-Smith

TV movie maven, Thorne-Smith, hasbuilt an estimated $10 million fortune.

4. Jane Krakowski

30 Rock alum, Krakowski, isestimated to possess $12 million in wealth.

3. Lucy Liu

Elementary star, Liu, has generatedan estimated $16 million in total wealth.

2. Calista Flockhart

Ex Supergirl cast member, Flockhart,boasts an estimated $24 million net worth.

1. Portia de Rossi

With an estimated $50 million, ArrestedDevelopment standout, de Rossi, tops her former Ally McBeal costarswith the biggest bank account.

How can fans watch ‘Ally McBeal’today?

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Fans who hope to catch repeats ofAlly McBeal in syndication are unfortunately out of luck. There arecurrently no airings of the show scheduled. However, the series is available tostream on Hulu, so subscribers can relive every colorful episode of AllyMcBeal.

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