All the signs Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott have secretly SPLIT after 15 years of marriage

TORI Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott may have secretly SPLIT after 15 years of marriage.

From revelations the pair have been sleeping in separate beds to Dean's absence from family photos, it appears their marriage has come to an end.

Sources told Us Weekly: “Tori and Dean have been having major issues for over a year now.

The fact that she’s talking about sleeping in separate beds is very telling, she wouldn’t do that unless things were really not great between them.

“Tori knows her kids see what she says online, so for her to say something publicly means the end could be very near."

During a radio interview on SiriusXM Radio Andy, Jeff Lewis Live earlier this month, Jeff told Tori: "There's speculation that there's problems at home, but there's no problems at home…

"What is really going on. You put the wedding ring on. Are things okay? Because I feel like the last time you were here things were good, you were having sex. Are you guys sleeping in the same bed? Personal?

Tori responded: "You know what. Right now my kids and dogs sleep in my bed."

When Jeff continued to prod asking if Dean was sleeping in the guest room, Tori answered: "He’s in a room."

Tori and Dean married in 2006 and share their kids: Liam, 13, Stella, 12, Hattie, nine, Finn, eight, and Beau, three.

The Beverly Hills native sparked marriage separation rumors in November when Dean was left out of the family Christmas card.

The celebrity shared the holiday photo in an Instagram post, where she stood with her brood of kids and held a printed picture of Dean's face.

Dean was also absent from the family Easter pic.

The couple also did not acknowledge their wedding anniversary this year or each other during Mother's or Father's Day.

In March, Tori was spotted missing her wedding band on a day out at a farmer's market with her children.

The actress left her husband off the family Christmas card, shocking fans this past November.

Tori, 47, enjoyed a sunny California day with her five children, though her husband Dean was missing from the outing.

The 90210 star picked vegetables with her family at the Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark, where they pulled around two red wagons to carry their finds.

Back in April, Tori pranked her fans by claiming she was pregnant with her sixth child.

Following backlash for the insensitive prank, she apologized after she cradled what appeared to be a growing baby bump in an Instagram post, which she simply captioned: "No. 6."

The pregnancy prank came as Tori was spotted missing her wedding band at the farmer's market last week, and some suspect she's split with her husband, Dean McDermott.

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