Alison Hammond gets flustered after hero paratrooper Ben Parkinson flirts with her live on This Morning

THIS Morning's Alison Hammond couldn't help but blush as war hero Ben Parkinson challenged her to an incredible dare.

The paratrooper is the most seriously injured soldier to survive the war in Afghanistan.

Nearly 15 years ago, at 22-years-old, the paratrooper broke his back, lost his legs and suffered life-long brain damage when his Land Rover hit a mine in southern Afghanistan.

Ben appeared on the ITV morning show alongside his mum, Diane to chat to hosts Alison and Dermot O'Leary about Ben's new book Losing the battle: Winning the War.

He charmed This Morning viewers with not only his inspiring story, but a sense of humour in the face of adversity.

When Alison said "they amputated your legs", without skipping a beat, David hilariously replied, "did they?".

Ben also told the hosts how he planned to parachute off Mt Everest to help raise money for his charity, Pilgrim Bandits.

But then things took a turn when Ben then asked Alison to join him on his big jump.

"You're going to parachute with me… and Phillip Schofield," he said.

At first, Alison thought he was joking but the paratrooper doubled down and insisted she "elbow" him instead of shaking on it to stay Covid safe.

Alison tried to laugh it off and told him, "maybe if I lost some weight, I might join you."

This Morning fans loved every minute of the interaction, calling Ben "incredible" and asking for him to appear on the show more regularly.

"Love Ben’s personality, with an equally great sense of humour. Coming through such adversity he’s very inspiring," wrote one Twitter user.

Another added: "I’ll pay to see Ben and Alison Hammond jump off the parachute from Mount Everest! I’m dead serious!"

And a third said: "In tears watching #ThisMorning Ben Parkinson, absolute complete and utter hero. "

The hero paratrooper told The Sun in an exclusive chat last month the secret to overcoming major obstacles in his life.

“Stay positive,” he said. “Work hard. Have a good team.”

He works out six days a week for three hours in a gym in his home. On his day off he does physiotherapy.

“I don’t regret what happened to me,” he says. “If it wasn’t me who got blown up it would have been one of my mates and they might not have survived.”

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