After Life’s Lenny actor lifts lid on mortifying sex scene in season 2 as June’s son interrupts romp

AFTER Life’s Tony Way has lifted the lid on his mortifying sex scene in season two as June’s son interrupts their romp.

The actor plays local paper photographer Lenny in the hit Netflix series, written by Ricky Gervais.

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Season two sees him shacked up with June (Jo Hartley) but the downside is her obese teenage son – 'Recorder Kid' – James (Ethan Lawrence), who has a freakishly odd bond with his mother.

Their overly close relationship leads to a mortifying scene in season two, where James enters his mother's bedroom while she's in the middle of sex with Lenny.

Lenny has to pause what he's doing as June answers her sons questions about a misplaced item, before James leans in to give his mother a goodnight kiss.

Speaking about the hilarious scene, Tony, 41, told The Sun Online: "Thankfully we knew it wasn't going to be an erotic sex scene.

"He's [Lenny] more embarrassed by any of that than we were ever going to be.

"That scene was a lot of fun but there was a lot of laughing, you'd think you had a handle on it and say 'right we can get through this' then you'd hear from the other side of the studio Ricky about to build up into his sort of cackle."

Jo, 48, added: "[Ricky] was uncomfortable too, and I think the thing is, when we did season one, he loved the scene between us both and he text me and said 'That's great we're going to use you more in he second one'.

"When we got to the screening of the first one, he said to me and Tony 'I've got an idea for you two in season two' and he told us that and we were like 'is that the hook?' and that's what he built the relationship around.

"That was a fun morning and it was a bit uncomfortable because there was three of us, it was odd, but that's the fun, that is what they are, that's what June and James are, it's just odd."

Tony added how Ricky, 58, was determined to get the awkward sex scene into the show, and had the bedroom set built specifically for that one scene.

He said: "They built a whole set for that one joke, Ricky was committed to getting that in the show."

After Life season two premieres on Netflix on Friday, April 24.

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