Adele impersonators refuse to follow weight-loss: 'It doesn't define her'

A trio of Adele impersonators have declared that they have no intention of losing weight to fit her new look because it doesn’t define the star or her music. 

Hells to the yes. 

Jax, Natalie and Maria all appeared on This Morning today to discuss their lives working as Adele impersonators, and how her rumoured seven-stone weight loss could affect their careers.

Spoiler alert: None of them are actually that worried.  

Instead of vowing to follow suit to try and emulate the 32-year-old as best they can, the group all remained positive that it would have no effect on their work. 

And besides, as incredible and happy as Adele looks, they’re all just as incredible and happy the way they are too. 

Jax, who studied Adele for nine months before launching her career as an impersonator, explained: ‘Firstly, she looks absolutely incredible. Obviously a lot of discipline has gone into that look, I wish I had as much discipline in every aspect of my life!

‘When I first saw it, I did think “is that what people are going to expect now?” A slimmer Adele?’ 

‘We haven’t seen her perform slim yet, so I don’t know in people’s minds what they want from an Adele tribute.’ 

‘I’m happy as I am and as a tribute you do what you can, and I encapsulate a certain look from a certain period in her career, and hopefully that’s what sticks in certain people’s minds.’ 

Natalie is also a massive superfan, but the biggest thing she’s changed is her hair, though she admitted she unintentionally ‘grew into her bigger Adele outfits’. 

‘I didn’t do it on purpose,’ she laughed. ‘It just happened.’ 

However, she said that while she had joined a gym to lose weight, it wasn’t entirely down to Adele, and added: ‘I’m going to push in that direction, because it helps me both [personally and professionally].

‘The more I look like Adele, I get more work, and I also just want to be healthier and a bit smaller, because that’s how I feel happiest as well.’

Mum-of-four Maria, who was encouraged to replicate the Rolling In The Deep singer by her brother agreed and gave Holly and Phil the giggles as she flashed a doughnut being saved for after the interview off-screen. 

Speaking about her own struggles with weight, Maria said that she had a gastric band for years that has now been removed, and is now on the waiting list for a gastric bypass surgery.

However, again it has nothing to do with Adele’s loss – though she admitted that it definitely worked in her favour if the bypass means she’ll end up slim as well.

But there was something that did worry her a bit… and that’s any planned choreography should Adele change her style beyond ballads.

‘If she starts coming out with a bit of bump and grind with all these artists she’s collaborating with, what am I going to do in the meantime?’ she laughed.

Fair play, ladies!

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