A Place in The Sun guest fights back tears and warns 'I need a moment' as house hunt takes emotional turn

A GUEST on A Place in The Sun fought back tears and warned 'I need a moment' after their house hunt took an emotional turn.

Tuesday's episode of the Channel 4 show saw presenter Jasmine Harman help couple Larraine and Gary find a cottage in Western France.

The couple wanted a traditional home with an annex so they could host paying guests.

While the first two properties didn't wow the couple, they were bowled over by the third one.

The cottage had shuttered windows and rose bushes in the garden, and it's pretty exterior caused Larraine to well up.

She said: "This is… Woah. I need a moment."

"It’s the experience of coming here and looking at dreams you’ve dreamt of for the last 10 or 15 years."

Gary added: "We were quite emotional about the last property we saw and now if there are as many surprises in this one as there was in the last one we’re going to have a real dilemma."

Thankfully the interior of the cottage had just as much character, with high ceilings, tiled floors and a number of original features.

The couple had their hearts set on the property and put in an offer of £83,000 which was accepted.

The good news lead to Larraine bursting into tears and Gary had to quickly pass her some tissues.

She said: "Honestly it’s such a dream and I can’t wait to sign the dotted line. This a moment in time that only opens once

"I’m trying hard to control my emotions."

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4

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