'90 Day Fiancé': Rebecca Parrott’s Daughter Explains Why She Changed Her Mind About Zied Hakimi On 'What Now?'

RebeccaParrott and ZiedHakimi struggled with a number of challenges on their road to internationallove on TLC’s 90Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Season 3.

For one thing, Rebecca—a restaurant manager and former privateinvestigator from Georgia—is over 20 years older than her Tunisian beau. What’smore, Rebecca wasn’t yet legally divorced from her Moroccan ex before she gotinvolved with Zied. Cultural differences, like Rebecca’s past relationship withanother woman and her refusal to dress more modestly, also plagued the couple.

Still, Ziedand Rebecca beat the odds and stayed together. They gotmarried in late Apr. 2020 and are currently quarantined together in theU.S.

But on a recent episode of TLC GO’s 90 Day Fiancé: What Now, Rebecca admitted that it hadn’t all been smooth sailing as Zied prepared to move in with her permanently. In particular, she was concerned about Zied’s ability to support himself financially after he arrived.

Rebecca was concerned about Zied’s upcoming arrival to the U.S. after all their challenges

While her love for Zied might be pure, Rebecca admitted on 90Day Fiancé: What Now that her romantic history was a bit fraught. Ziedis Rebecca’s fourth husband. What’s more, she was still legally married to(although separated from) her third husband, a Moroccan man, when she first headedto Tunisia to meet Zied.

Now, though, the only concerns she had about Zied werelogistical and financial. As she prepared to welcome him to the U.S. permanently,Rebecca admitted she had a few remaining worries about how they would supportthemselves—especially given the strict terms of the K-1 visa.

“Honestly, the biggest thing that worries me is that Zied can’twork for several months until he gets his work permit,” she said, adding thatshe didn’t think her fiancé quite understood just how much money it would taketo live comfortably in the U.S.

“He has no idea how expensive it is to live here,” Rebecca fretted. “And I think he thinks his money is going to last a lot longer than it will.”

The ‘90 Day Fiancé’ star’s daughter planned to move in with her mom to save money

To save money, Rebecca planned to share a home with Zied, aswell as her daughter, Tiffany, and her daughter’s fiancé, Micah.

During a house-hunting trip, Tiffany reflected on her mom’spast broken hearts. She said she had often picked her mom up when she was down,serving as Rebecca’s support system as much as vice versa.

“I agreed to move in with my mom, all four of us living in the same house, which sounds absolutely crazy,” Tiffany laughed. “But we’ve always had a very close, best friend type of relationship.” Rebecca’s daughter explained that her mom was vulnerable and often needed “someone to lean on” when times got tough. She’d always been that person for her mother.

Tiffany ultimately gave her blessing for her mom’s unconventional relationship

Rebecca’s patchy romantic history and many heartbreaks inthe past had worried Tiffany over the years. Rebecca’s daughter confessed thatshe was more than a little skeptical about Zied’s motives at first, given theircultural differences, age gap, and long-distance relationship. In an emotionalheart-to-heart with Rebecca, Tiffany admitted she was “extremely worried” when the90 Day Fiancé star first started datingZied.

But tears came to Tiffany’s eyes as she admitted that Ziedhad, happily, proven her wrong. His consistent, kind treatment of hertender-hearted mother had ultimately changed her mind. “He put you on the pedestalyou needed to be on,” she gushed about her mom’s future husband, hinting thathe was her true soulmate.

“Everything comes full circle,” Rebecca’s daughter declared.“And this is your full circle, is him.”

The 90 Day Fiancé star looked thrilled with herdaughter’s words as she responded contentedly, “I’m so glad that you support this.”

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