13 Reasons Why season 5 Netflix release date: Will there be another series?

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13 Reasons Why season four premiered on Netflix today (Friday, June 5). All 10 episodes dropped in one go, which means fans can binge-watch the dark teen drama over the weekend. Will there be more 13 Reasons Why to come? Express.co.uk has everything you need to know.

Will there be another series of 13 Reasons Why?

There is some sad news for fans of Netflix drama 13 Reasons Why.

The series was cancelled in September 2019 with season four being confirmed as the show’s last outing.

A Netflix spokesperson told Express.co.uk the reason why 13 Reasons Why ending.

The statement read: “Series four will feature the core cast’s graduation from High School which will be a natural conclusion to the show.”

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Kate Walsh, who plays Olivia in the series echoed the sentiment in an interview with PopCulture, explaining the series had come to a natural end.

She said: “I think it’s really important creatively when a show has finished to end it.

“For shows like 13 Reasons Why, or like Fleabag is a great example.”

“It’s like, ‘No, we’re done. This is it. This is what she had in mind at the end.’

“But I think it’s a really cool time to be able to do that creatively, to really stick to the artist’s vision and that’s exciting.”

Showrunner Brian Yorkey also explained to Entertainment Weekly why he felt season four was the best time to wrap up the show.

He said: “Somewhere in the midst of making season two when it became clear that we might have the chance to make more seasons of this, I pretty quickly got to a place where it felt like a four-season story.

“I’m always a little bit suspicious of high school shows that go beyond four seasons because high school is four years long.”

He added: “It felt like bringing these characters to their graduation and to scattering to their next things felt like the logical ending point.

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“So for a long time, the idea has been, should we be so lucky to have the opportunity, we would do four seasons of this.

“So certainly going into breaking story for season four, we knew it was the end.”

Discussing the final episode, Yorkey said: “We wanted to end the series hopefully, but we wanted it to be earned hope.

“The series was born in darkness and as is often pointed out, it is a dark series, but we have always tried to infuse it with hope and with humour where we can, and we wanted to end on a note of hope that was earned and that was not forced and also not overly sunny in a way that wouldn’t be consistent with what had gone before.”


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Fans have taken to Twitter to share their feelings about the show coming to an end.

One viewer wrote: “Seriously so said it’s ending. This show has helped me in so many ways. Thank you.”

A second fan said: “Absolutely love this show. Thank you for tackling the hard stuff for us. I will definitely shed tears through this final season.”

A third fan commented: “I cried omg. Not ready to say goodbye.”

13 Reasons Why is streaming on Netflix now

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