YouTuber Coyote Peterson Let A ‘Murder Hornet’ Sting Him And … Yikes!

The so-called murder hornet’s arrival in the United States might have you thinking: Just how agonizing is this lethal insect’s sting?

Luckily, YouTube adventurer Coyote Peterson has answered that question already, so you don’t have to. (Watch the video below.)

A New York Times article over the weekend reported that the insects, actually called Asian giant hornets, are suspected to have arrived in the U.S. and can be deadly to humans who suffer multiple stings. The hornets kill 50 people a year in Japan (but are a bigger threat to honey bees).

The Times mentioned Peterson, the “King of Sting,” who let the hornet sting him in a 2018 video so he could grade the world’s most painful stings.

The hornet’s stinger lodged in his forearm and caused a greater discharge of venom, Peterson said.

If you’re squeamish, here’s how Peterson describes the sensation: “wave of dizziness really quick … searing pain … absolute searing pain! … my hand is seized up and locked in place … wrist starting to swell … no relief yet.”

Now we have yet another reason to stay inside.

Discover what all the buzz is about in the video below, at around the 11-minute mark.

And here’s the follow-up, in which Peterson reported that his arm swelled to twice its size.


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