Your iPad and iPad Pro are getting an upgrade and here’s what’s new

Apple’s WWDC Developers Conference is now underway and one of the headline announcements are the new features coming to your iPad.

iPadOS 14 will launch later this year and include numerous improvements aimed at making things easier for owners of these hugely popular tablets.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes coming to the iPad is the arrival of a new sidebar which will make it much more simple to move files into folders. This sidebar will work across a range of apps including Photos, Notes and Files.

Another nice change is the new call notifications which will now only take up a small portion of the screen. Currently, when the iPad attempts to take a FaceTime call the whole screen is taken up with the alert.

That’s all changes in iPadOS 14 with just a small bar appearing at the top of the display. This can even be swiped away if you don’t want to accept the call.

Next, it’s good news if you like using the Apple Pencil with your tablet.

Apple wants to make this stylus much more useful with owners now able to turn scribbles into text. It will even transform shapes into editable graphics and everything you write can be changed including colours and outlines.

If you have your Pencil in hand there will also be the option to write names of websites in the Safari browser with the search then taking place without you going near a keyboard.


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