Young people come out as gay in emotional lip-sync TikTok videos

Young people come out as gay to their friends and family in emotional TikTok videos where they lip-sync lyrics to Jason Derulo’s Get Ugly – with VERY mixed responses

  • TikTok users are coming out as gay using the emotional ‘Get Ugly’ challenge
  • Participants film themselves lip-syncing the lyrics of Jason Derulo’s 2015 song
  • In one clip, a woman from New York, tearfully hugs her sister after singing 
  • Another shows a mother who misses her daughter’s attempt at the challenge 

Some people find it very difficult to disclose their sexuality to friends and family, but a new lighthearted viral challenge is helping some social media users open up. 

People from across the world have been filming themselves lip-syncing the lyrics of Jason Derulo’s 2015 song Get Ugly and sharing it on the TikTok app.

Joined by either a relative or friend, participants point to themselves after singing the line ‘this girl’s straight and this girl’s not’, with the clips capturing their loved one’s reaction to learning that they are gay.

Among the emotional posts is a woman from New York who tearfully embraced her sister after mouthing the lyrics of the song.

Meanwhile, another woman from America was left amused after her mother failed to understand her attempt at coming out.

Here, FEMAIL has rounded up a selection of the most popular attempts at the challenge.  

People from around the world have been filming themselves coming out as gay, using the Jason Derulo song Get Ugly. Pictured: TikTok user Deanna, from United States, revealing her sexuality to her sister using the challenge

Tyshon Lawrence, from North Carolina, who boasts over five million followers on the platform, was stunned when his mother said she already knew that he’s gay

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Miami-based TikTok user Aidan Ramseyy left her ex-boyfriend speechless when she confessed her sexuality to him for the challenge 

A woman who boasts over 44,000 followers received a stream of comments for her video of her mother failing to notice the confession

Another TikTok user from America was stunned after her friend came out to her by playing the Jason Derulo hit 

Two teens surprised each other by both coming out as gay, while lip-syncing the pop anthem

Another TikTok user believed to be from America, who boasts almost 60,000 followers, left her mother speechless with her admission

A woman from Tennessee was overwhelmed by her sister’s supportive reaction as they sang along to the tune

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