You Can Still Get School Supplies for Free This Year — Here's Where to Go

It costs a lot to fill a backpack — and even more this year than in 2020, according to reports. Prices on everything from school supplies to clothing are on the rise, according to a new KPMG survey. This back-to-school season, the average parent’s spending per student is expected to be as much as $270, compared with about $250 in 2020. Parents of preschoolers can expect to spend a whopping 32 percent more on back-to-school supplies, and college students aren’t in the clear, either — their parents will spend about 13 percent more this year. Word is that while there’s a heightened demand for supplies including everything from notebooks to clothing and kids shoes, there’s also (as we’ve noticed with most industries over the past year) a shortage when it comes to manufacturing of these supplies. All of these facts are the makings of a very expensive back-to-school season.

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